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This book made me feel nothing. Despite the constant action, the fact that everything was happening. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t anything exceptional.

The story doesn’t really go very deep into the themes. Even as it laid out a very important development, something that neutralize a renegade. And I thought that it was good to include that.

Although it wasn’t subtle in how it is handled. It is basically bringing it to the forefront, but not heading too deep into it. It hasn’t shown the decay of superheroes who use it.

And although I like the moment where they were talking to someone who had lost their powers. What do they become then? Even as it could raise a lot of issues about powers, the fact that their powers often define them.

And is also a problem for the story. Most of the characters here don’t really stand out. Or rather they have a simple basic character that is at the core. Nova is against the idea of many things, she is an anarchist. But that’s all there is. I would have liked her to see a little more, to be able to do more questionable things. Or feel torn.

She is asking the hard questions but she isn’t having a balanced view at all. As for Adrian, I have even less to say about him. What is it about him? Cool tattoos, drawing. But can I remember anything else? Not really.

And the same can be said to Monarch, and whatever suphero names was being used for them. None of them are really distinct in terms of character.

And the book for most part had been developing the romance between Nova and Adrian. Up until the last third or so, where it picked up. But even then, I’m not feeling hooked.

The series is enjoyable, but is it quality? It does asks questions, but it doesn’t explore these questions. It could be done here, in a way that would set it apart from comic book superheroes. But it doesn’t go deep enough.

Overall, I think the fact that I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would might be because this has a larger MG appeal than for more older YA readers. It is light, action packed with fun moments. And for me, that is something that I often rather dislike.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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