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The Dark Days Deceit

I was bored to death by the amount of details in the book. The anticipation was not there, for the most part the book had no idea just where it was heading and what it was trying to do.

I like the series. It was fascinating, the world building was often exceptional. But here, all of this just drowned the book out. Not to mention that it was so boring.

The plot twist did not get anything out of me. Then just, well it’s just how it is. That is disappointing for a book, I assure you. As it was all the way in the last hundred pages. While the 400 pages before were about trying to find the Grand Receiver.

It would have been so much better if the story had simply tried to push this twist earlier. It would have been fairly obvious, but there would actually be some tension in return.

Since the person was beside them. And they took forever to think that they may have been infiltrated. While having most of the book be filled up with details about the wedding, some stuff and then some deaths.

And finally, Helen had not grown much. Except at the last moment the author just developed her so that the ending will fit. It was not well done.

Overall, did not leave an impression for me. Despite having the first two books being incredibly memorable. And the ending was nice, but really took way too long to get there. When it could have been shorter. For such a long book I certainly expected more.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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