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When We Caught Fire

You know what, I really couldn’t care less about the story. There was literally nothing that caught my attention as I struggled through the first hundred pages.

There is nothing interesting about Fiona. She is really there to be the wallflower of the story. As for Emmeline, I found her disdainful. I didn’t like her at all. And most importantly neither of them even have a relationship. It just feels so shallow, and there is nothing that makes me feel as though they are friends even if it is messed up.

Or that Fiona feels the need to wait for Emmeline to get married before asking Arles out. For what is she doing this for? It makes no sense. If they can’t get married aren’t romantically entangled, it’s fair game.

And certainly, that’s all these two think about, talk about and feel about. There is literally nothing else. What a waste of the story to explore what their relationship means it to each other. And that it doesn’t even pass the Bedchel test.

As for Anders, I can say at the core I don’t find him charming. He is nice. And really, I didn’t feel as though he was interested in either one of them. And again, is a pity since the story had such a large focus on their relationship. Or lack thereof.

And it takes around two thirds of the book to get to the disaster. Which is probably one of the worst ideas. Trust me on this. If it takes forever, and doesn’t have a compelling main character at the front. The story is truly wasting the pages.

Overall, I was disappointed in the complete lack of agency in Fiona and the complete lack of nuance when it came to Emmeline. And also, being completely unable to at least make the triangle look interesting.

If anything the disaster felt like it was added so that it would still look better when compared to similar works in a historical setting. Even as the cover looked amazing and the premise sealed the deal.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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