Focusing on the right thing

After many days of simply sitting around and pondering, the answer that I feel I needed was focus.

I’m a natural born multitasker. My mind is usually in many different places at once. And I am always brimming with ideas. Filled up to the top and filling as though I have too many things on my mind. And that I dream too much.

It isn’t that. I could have many ideas but what I needed was to know what was important and which should I focus on. Focus was the one thing I lacked, it was the one thing I needed to be able to manage myself better. Take the time and know when to let it go. And know my own goals.

I’ve been through a year where nothing went right for me. There were things that I could rejoice about but they were few and far between. And I had so many frustrations. Before I realized that I was simply trying too much.

And I needed to sit down and think. Just what was the most important to me.

I should have done that months ago. But it was my own naivety that prevented me from doing that. Thinking that I could get somewhere without really having a solid plan, without a focus.

And all I got in return was a really bad plunge into the ground. With minimal success. It was a good thing that I decided to hold back some of my grander ideas and now I had time to think.

I had time to focus. Focusing on the right thing was the most important. And that also meant having a clearer idea on what I was doing with my ideas.

Focus is what I needed. And to others, if you feel overwhelmed maybe the thing you should be doing is just to take time off to think. The five days I spent on my holiday certainly did wonders on having me realize that.


2 thoughts on “Focusing on the right thing

  1. It often takes me a while to get focused on a task, but once I do, I am locked in. Writing for example–once I get a muse, I can sit for four or five hours straight without even going to the bathroom. That sort of focus does have it’s drawbacks, though.

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