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In all cases, maintains the quality that it has set. Vicious was a revenge thriller this was after. And it was like watching a television show unravel, characters pitting against each other. All for a final showdown, each with their own story.

And at its core, it was delectable and entertaining read. From Marcella, who is using her power in any way that she wants. Eli, who had lost his freedom and sought to find it. And Victor, who is running against the clock.

There are more minor players as well. Players who make powerful movements. And they all serve the story in its all strange way. Each of them being built up with a distinct personality, an agenda that they had.

It works fantastically to give a world where there is no white or black. Eli is tortured and in a way that makes you sympathize with him. The flashback sequences of his past were effective at making me understand the person he was.

The development between Sydney and Victor serves to keep Victor human and someone capable of compassion. Even if he is all but that. But even then Sydney isn’t just a little girl either, and is not defined by her power. To Marcella and June, where one caught me by the way her life was and how she chose to rise again. And the latter for her behind the scenes manipulation. And Stell, for his own vision as a person.

In any case, if the previous work was where the men were at their best. Here is where the women shone.

Every character is human and at the same time represents something. The ending was satisfying, even as I wonder whether there might be a sequel given just how it still hasn’t dealt with a major issue and the ending is cryptic.

In all ways, a gritty, delightful read and if you want to be sucked into a world where people gain abilities through almost death. Revisiting it again is worthwhile, as it has not lost its charm.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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