Your writing has a piece of you

Every piece of writing that you make has something of you in it. Whether is it conscious or unconscious. And most importantly, that piece is what makes you stand out as a writer.

No one will employ the same kind of style. There may be people who might decide to imitate, but the exact word choice, the stylistic choices. That will be all you.

The same applies for the story aspect. Contrary to what many people think. Every writer has small distinctions. The way they develop their characters, the way they go around their plot.

It all boils down a person’s personal beliefs and personality. And how you utilize your words.

And that piece of you is the only thing that really matters when it comes to your writing. Because it is what makes you different. Regardless of whether you write exclusively in one genre or genre hop.

And to hone your writing voice is to become more comfortable with your own style. Accepting that your plot would be different from many authors, how you use tropes would be different. And how you distinguish yourself would be different.

I tend to turn tails entirely on tropes, and bend them to form a different kind of story. My plots can be described as rather simple, as I let my characters do their job to make the plot feel like it’s their choice.

It’s a process that I have accepted and perfected. And it’s my process, I won’t really say that it’s the best. But all it needs to do is work for me.

By understanding why you write and how you write, that is all you really need. To put that piece of you at the forefront and realize that it is the key to becoming a better writer. And realizing what makes you you, will make your writing even better.

Remember, writing is subjective. No one can tell how to do your works. I do know a writer who almost bordered on preaching to people in how he spoke, and that just really annoyed me to no end. So, appreciate that each writer approach a matter differently, and that is what makes us stand out.

What are some of the things that you put into your writing that makes you unique? Leave them in the comments below.


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