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What if Anne Frank survived? This book answers the question to an extent.

I found the beginning of this book to be slow, I almost dropped it then. But by the middle, where Anne was angry, resentful and mostly a girl not knowing what to do. She is still a girl who has been through one of the worst times in human history. She isn’t perfect. And this book clearly shows her questioning everything, rebelling because she doesn’t know what to trust.

And all those emotions, that fear is still there. And the book doesn’t ignore that.

It is a fantastic book in the emotions. When it got high, it had me flipping the pages. Even as I felt that it was too bloated and drifted a little. And the beginning was where I felt the need to skim it.

But those moments between her and her father, her diary’s publication and also her arguments. Those felt a lot better in comparison to the beginning.

And eventually her coming of age, and becoming a young woman. There is a lot of this raw emotions, trauma in the book. Expectations of certain things that had been lost while in the camp. Anne has changed, and her father doesn’t expect that. And the idea that even when life resumes it still isn’t easy to bring it back together.

This is a book which does a good job in giving it emotional depth, covering the difficulties of a young girl who has survived a terrible ordeal and asking the questions of her place in the world after it. And what she thinks of it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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