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A leap into nonfiction

Nonfiction had been my newest idea to try and spice up my reading. And so far it has given me quite an insight into developing characters, themes as well as understanding how to market.

I went into nonfiction because of boredom and a lack of anything to really read. Nothing was really transporting me anywhere nor was it catching my attention. I needed something to do that.

And then came in nonfiction. It is a wide genre. And I started on writing books before deciding to look into business before finally looking into psychology in an attempt to deepen my understanding on characters. And a little bit on philosophy because I was just awfully curious.

Nonfiction had given me a break from fiction where I was unable to really appreciate the stories until two good books have me return good as new. Even as I looked up business in an attempt to figure out just where was I going with my Patreon, and also what I should be focusing on next.

It was also an attempt to understand the market of freelancing and diversifying my interests.

The leap into nonfiction greatly benefitted me at the end of the day. As it allowed me a chance to really see where I was trying to go and how can I really improve. And most importantly, it got me out of my reading slump.


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