April: Slowing Down

April will be the month where I began to scale back. As much as I have gotten less ambitious with my book reading mostly because of a lack of interest. And I’m thinking about moving this back purely to a site about reviewing books and anime.

I had been through quite a lot and I do think that it is time for me to really focus on building my personal site for writing. As that was something I invested a lot of time into and have been thinking of trying to get ways to take it off even before I start to write.

You can find more stuff here. As I’m focusing on building a personal site now with the blogging being on the side. It would be much harder for me to really maintain this. As much as I do want to and continue to mostly book blog. Which would mean a quieter community. As the plan I’m on restricts me far more in what I can do than say on my other site.


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