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Captain Marvel

I was surprised by the movie. I was skeptical, didn’t really know what to think and simply went along. And well, I was fairly surprised at it.

If anything, this is a likeable story. Even if it has some problems. I always been fond of Marvel, and I have never really caught up fully although I know roughly what happened.

As an occasional moviegoer, I don’t get fatigued easily about the movies. Even as this year I might watch more movies than I have ever done before.

And well this was not as bad as I thought it would be. It doesn’t push any agenda, and it’s fairly entertaining and has plenty of surprises.

And despite the controversy, and everything surrounding it. It is a decent movie and I can understand why it’s doing well, sure it isn’t the best thing on the market and I have seen better. But is it the worst, or trying to push an agenda, not really?

There are some fairly funny moments, and some of them are played for laughs in a way that kind of impairs the future continuity of it. But it all really fits, and has me interested to see just what she would bring onto the table for the biggest movie.

It has helped that she seemed to at least have grown a bit from the beginning to the end. Although really, I would have wanted her to at least have a little more outrage and emotion. Or at least disbelief. I mean, spending six years of your life fighting something and only finding out they have lied to you. Yeah, that’s kinda big.

But this movie wasn’t the letdown, it was entertaining and I think it really got what it was looking for. Maybe I just haven’t seen enough to really feel it yet, or perhaps I just have not seen enough movies.


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