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Vita Nostra

If anything, this was a bizarrely delectable journey.

It’s a school about magic, but it’s nothing like Harry Potter. The students have no idea what they’re studying or even the reason why. Some of them don’t even want to be there and were forced into it.

There were no answers given, but even then it still was enjoyable and even rather entertaining. With Sasha at the middle, of a slowly unravelling work. And to mostly believe that it just exists.

The endings gives a clearer idea of what is happening. Even as I started to grasp what was going on midway. It is a dangerous thing to do, and instruction here has to be followed down to the word. Or there might be consequences.

Sasha does it even further to an extent and sees the effects of some of her decisions. For better or worse. Her emotions, also do affect her. Even as it becomes clear that her role in the story is strange, undefined only to become stronger later.

The writing is it’s greatest assets, even for a translation. Making something abstract still make sense, or giving them a clear idea while still withholding the true explanation. The scenes of mystery were handled so well that it was seamless.

And if anything, this is a work that is all about the big ideas. Not so much about characters, and even less on anything rational. Reading this is simply letting yourself be drawn deep into the world with no questions asked.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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