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The Iron Flower

I was just really bored. The Black Witch had more in terms of knowing what it wanted to do. Here, it is just a series of back and forth. The plot is nonexistent. Things don't get bad fast enough, and even then it doesn't matter. The story begins with plenty of threats to Elloren. But… Continue reading The Iron Flower

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This just didn't get me. It had an interesting premise where one was likely to really get to me. But just no idea what it had wanted to do at all. The story in my opinion had been really really poor. It just didn't catch me in any way at all. I was trying my… Continue reading Dry


Advantages of an average student

Being an average student has had more things for me than otherwise. I always managed to find time for myself and managing to do things that were simply impossible for people who were always studying to keep themselves ahead.I learned to write by simply having the time to spend on my hand phone. I loved… Continue reading Advantages of an average student

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The Queen’s Prophet

I was somewhat interested in the story. At the same time, I really wasn't. It wasn't really the characters but rather the history. If I didn't have an interest in the Habsburg then I would have dropped the book. It isn't really one that has the idea of what subtlety means. It is not one… Continue reading The Queen’s Prophet

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Muse of Nightmares

When you read a book so good that it leaves you speechless? This is definitely one of them. The plot here isn't clear cut. But even then the story moves, there is direction. It isn't easy to follow and it is something subtle. Most books from the get go are explosive in their plot points,… Continue reading Muse of Nightmares

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Fullmetal Alchemist

This was something that refused to let me go even months after I completed the story. The story opened a whole new perspective to the way I did things. In all essence, this was one of the best stories I had the chance to encounter. The story's biggest strength is the balance, the well rounded… Continue reading Fullmetal Alchemist

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Mary B

This was not what I expected. I was hoping that perhaps it might be fascinating. To watch how a girl with little looks survive in the world. Sadly, this simply was not the case. It really was not anything fun. And there was so little plot, almost no stakes at all. The writing emulated it… Continue reading Mary B

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Under The Pendulum Sun

This was a lot darker than my expectations. It was a delightful read from the beginning to the end, and something someone really needs if they're looking for a book which touched a lot on faith. I would say that I'm familiar with Renaissance and that in the recent months where I read book after… Continue reading Under The Pendulum Sun

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City of Gods

This book definitely did have scenes that stood out to me. Even if it wasn't perfect. The beginning was confusing but it managed to catch up later on. The most memorable moment was where Abigail was confronting her father and eventually with her own mother. It was absolutely incredibly fascinating. I have went through the… Continue reading City of Gods

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The Turn Of Midnight

I found this far less exciting than before. This lacked any real idea as to where it was heading. Quite unlike the story before where the story had been clear and purposeful. Anne here has almost nothing to strive to. I didn't feel as though she was making the effort to rebuild it, neither did… Continue reading The Turn Of Midnight

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The difference between coding and programming

It is a very very subtle difference. But it is still a difference. And as a student of IT I realized that the core difference between coding and programming. What is it all about. Programing is about programming machines to do something. Coding is creating codes from one language to the other. That is a… Continue reading The difference between coding and programming

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A Thousand Perfect Notes

This was entirely beautiful. There is something about this work, even as it is all about a pianist. As much as it is to not have your children live out your dreams. Something that resonates with me far more than anything else. I have grown up with expectations placed on me even as they waned… Continue reading A Thousand Perfect Notes


The thing about writing websites

Writing websites are plentiful that many authors have many many choices. And even what sort of end goal they have in mind at the end of the day. Are you trying to get published, or simply writing for fun? Are you looking for ways to improve your novel or to simply get readers. There is… Continue reading The thing about writing websites

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Carnegie’s Maid

This was something that I had managed to enjoy fully for a long time. It's a simple story, about a woman who becomes the maid of a wealthy landowner. And they fall in love. But it isn't that kind of story. It is a story of survival, as this maid is not who she is.… Continue reading Carnegie’s Maid


Shadowhunters: Overrated

To be honest I find Shadowhunters overrated. Even though it was the obsession of my teenage years now that I'm matured and haven't read the books for over a year I managed to wean myself those rose tinted glasses. And honestly the series has its faults. As much as there were things which made it… Continue reading Shadowhunters: Overrated

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The Fall of Innocence

Her story to an extent was right. She had been through a difficult and tremendously hard experience. The author had been able to show it, and show it well. It highlights the fragility. And also the fact that victim blaming is common. The main character is blaming herself for her own actions. As though it… Continue reading The Fall of Innocence

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Y is for Yesterday

I was expecting a little more coming from the work. Or at least to feel how it should be. Dark, grim with one twist after another. It just didn't come. Fritz was nice but his death had came too early. And a big mistake was how it had almost nothing to do with the main… Continue reading Y is for Yesterday

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The Spiritglass Charade

I guess I should have known better than I really didn't feel like wanting to read any more Victorian mystery novels. And even way back in 2016, my expectations had been pretty low. And this just proved me right in the scale that I should have stayed away from it. Mostly because within the 100… Continue reading The Spiritglass Charade


The Myth Of Game Development

The biggest myth of Game Development is that it is mostly about design. The truth is there is a lot more to that. Game development requires a lot of object oriented programming as it is focused on user experience as well as as designing levels meant for a player. Hence it requires a lot of… Continue reading The Myth Of Game Development

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The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

This was something that I just couldn't get into. Because of the huge paragraphs which made reading an eyesore. I guess this book could have won more of my patience if it had been shorter and less likely to make me want to let my eyes bleed while I'm reading this. The story did have… Continue reading The Ministry of Utmost Happiness