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The Iron Flower

I was just really bored. The Black Witch had more in terms of knowing what it wanted to do. Here, it is just a series of back and forth. The plot is nonexistent. Things don't get bad fast enough, and even then it doesn't matter. The story begins with plenty of threats to Elloren. But… Continue reading The Iron Flower

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Mary B

This was not what I expected. I was hoping that perhaps it might be fascinating. To watch how a girl with little looks survive in the world. Sadly, this simply was not the case. It really was not anything fun. And there was so little plot, almost no stakes at all. The writing emulated it… Continue reading Mary B

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The Spiritglass Charade

I guess I should have known better than I really didn't feel like wanting to read any more Victorian mystery novels. And even way back in 2016, my expectations had been pretty low. And this just proved me right in the scale that I should have stayed away from it. Mostly because within the 100… Continue reading The Spiritglass Charade

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Batman: Nightwalker

The one thing that bothered me the most about the story here had been how unbelievable it was. It turns out Bruce Wayne had to do community service in an asylum. I'm pretty sure that majority of all teenagers do not get assigned that. As most of them will be helping at orphanages or hospices… Continue reading Batman: Nightwalker

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Bone Lines

This was just not what I expected to read. Initially, I was keen upon the idea. But the story just took way too long to head anywhere. It was rather interesting to read about Elosie. But the story Just didn't seem to be working with her. There was a copious amount of description about something… Continue reading Bone Lines

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Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman

For all its worth, it certainly only knew about the class affair. It isn't about the mystery. Because the copious amount of description about the situation will have made no sense otherwise. The story begins with the death of a nephew. And it is so insignificant that I may as well be reading a book… Continue reading Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman

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Heart Of Thorns

If this was a book which wanted to be both dark and full of classic YA. It failed. Mia has absolutely zero reasons to be here. For lack of better word. She is one of the most uninteresting characters. What does she do? Absolutely nothing. Does she gain any sort of agency? Barely. And what… Continue reading Heart Of Thorns

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Endless Water, Starless Sky

Well if I did hope for any explanations, this didn't serve it. Although the story does end on a sad note, seeing as there are costs to bringing back Romeo. But I feel that the main thing here was the whole idea of how Romeo and Juliet were retold with necromancers. Which will have done… Continue reading Endless Water, Starless Sky

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The Boleyn King

If anything, this was not a good book on having Anne Boleyn survive. There are many many alternate histories surrounding her and a possible son. And this doesn't really do her justice, or even Elizabeth for that matter. Who by all means should have been somewhat smarter than the dull princess I saw here. She… Continue reading The Boleyn King

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Honor Among Thieves

I was really bored by the story at the middle. And that the main character felt plain and didn't even stand out at the least. Zara did not work as a main character, she didn't make me care for her and she felt like many of the main characters in YA. Having the same sense… Continue reading Honor Among Thieves

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The Queen’s Rising

Disappointing, I was intending for a story about a woman who was going to rise to be Queen. Which I got nothing of. It begins with a girl who is admitted because of her blood instead of skill. And when she is a teenager, she is hopeless. That makes for the best of stories, am… Continue reading The Queen’s Rising

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Sky In The Deep

If you're looking for a good Viking story, this isn't it. Not even close. The world is as thin as the piece of paper, the main character is incredibly plain. And most importantly, nothing of importance happens at all. It is just constant mentions of Iri who either betrayed them or not, her constant loyalty… Continue reading Sky In The Deep

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The Inquisitor’s Wife

I'm just mostly disappointed with the book. Despite being set in Spain, during a time were anyone and everyone could be a suspect of religious heresy and charged. But it just didn't understand what it was trying to do at all, when it has a lot of words spending it with a girl whose father… Continue reading The Inquisitor’s Wife

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A Reaper At The Gates

This was incredibly disappointing. I did not like this book as the characters had lost the depth from the book one. Or at least whatever that made it interesting in the first place. The world is no bigger than just a couple of characters. Completely focusing on the wrong things, and nonetheless forgetting about developing… Continue reading A Reaper At The Gates

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For a story that talks about kingdoms, there is surprisingly little of it. And again, the main issue here is the characters having no distinction at all. Rielle was still okay, I understood her motivations and why she wanted what she did. But little else was expanded, her back story was empty and for a… Continue reading Furyborn

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Blood Of A Thousand Skies

Well, after reading State of Sorrow which showed me how intrigue is done right. This just felt underwhelming. Not to mention that last month I had good book after good book. Sadly this didn't cut it at all. It wasn't good, in the sense that I wanted to be. Nero has lost his edge and… Continue reading Blood Of A Thousand Skies

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A Thousand Endings And Beginnings

Wholly uninspiring. Although I wanted to be dragged into a tale of myths, and tales of my history. Albeit it isn't what I thought focusing mostly on Indian, Chinese, Korean. But fewer on the South East Asian, which by all means will have been fascinating. Or even Thailand, Vietnam and a lot of the countries… Continue reading A Thousand Endings And Beginnings

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Final Resting Place

This was just uninspiring as a whole. I didn't know where it was heading for most of the part and it seemed to lack any clear direction as well. The story was largely difficult for me to really understand what was going on. Despite the fact that it was about America and a famous president… Continue reading Final Resting Place

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The Raven Boys

If there is anything that I say about it, it will be that this was disappointing. I wasn't absorbed into Blue's story, not at all. Most of the time I was wondering what was going on, and what was the point of all these scenes in the first place. I didn't seem to grasp why… Continue reading The Raven Boys

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Smoke In The Sun

For a series pitched as feminist, it surprisingly isn't. It also fails to be a Japanese historical fantasy. In many many ways as well. Most of the Shoguns sometimes didn't have power, same about the Emperor. If this actually tried to explore the situation as it was, which will have been fun to read. But… Continue reading Smoke In The Sun