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Nyxia Unleashed

I guess YA isn't just for me anymore. Or reading books in my favorite genres here. Emmett has lost all of what made him interesting. For lack of better word. He is just focused on the small things and little else. He doesn't suggest or even say anything. He doesn't want anything. And the moment… Continue reading Nyxia Unleashed

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Heart Of Thorns

If this was a book which wanted to be both dark and full of classic YA. It failed. Mia has absolutely zero reasons to be here. For lack of better word. She is one of the most uninteresting characters. What does she do? Absolutely nothing. Does she gain any sort of agency? Barely. And what… Continue reading Heart Of Thorns

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Murder At Ochre Court

I was really not interested. It was incredibly exposition heavy but never went much deeper than that. The story is too polite. The characters are indistinguishable and it doesn't give the writing any emotion. Or even anything that gave the writing something that made it interesting. I do like long series mysteries. But after a… Continue reading Murder At Ochre Court

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Fierce Like A Firestorm

This was okay. Albeit the sequel wasn't even as exciting as the first book. But it was readable. One of the things that this book suffered was a plot so weak, and so little about saving Iris. I did like that there were answers given as to where was Iris and the back story regarding… Continue reading Fierce Like A Firestorm

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Roses And Rot

I was expecting something different. And this fell into the situation where it took too long before anything truly began. Something about the book kept me curious. Even as I still don't really care much about the story. The characters here are flat, lacking in anything charming that makes them stand out. The story doesn't… Continue reading Roses And Rot

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Jar of Hearts

This was disappointing in a sense that I simply didn't know just what it was trying to do. Whether it had been to talk about an inmate and how she could have possibly killed someone. But the premise promised something that it didn't deliver. A mystery that Geo will need to crack. There was almost… Continue reading Jar of Hearts

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Dark Rhapsody

Not what I expected and doesn't even make it all that interesting. The story just spent over two hundred pages talking about characters which I didn't like nor did I really care about. Despite being all about a violin there is very very little concerning it formally. Or even anything that gave it life. The… Continue reading Dark Rhapsody

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The Summer Wives

If anything the premise was lying. The story should have been about a woman who came back to the same place that she was abused as a child to do justice to herself. It wasn't. I got a bunch of POVs narrating a story that barely made any sense to me. And apart from the… Continue reading The Summer Wives

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Suitors And Sabotage

Disappointed. I was expecting a fun regency romp and this is isn't anything that has really fascinated me at all. I was hoping for a fun ride which her previous work was. And I didn't care about any of the characters. They seem rather paper thin and I feel as though nothing was really developed.… Continue reading Suitors And Sabotage

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Catwoman: Soul Stealer

If anything, this was just as uninspiring. Selina was incredibly difficult for me to like as character. She didn't have many many ties in the story and didn't have anything that made her stand out. And although I should be expected to know about the story. The character was not even compelling me to read… Continue reading Catwoman: Soul Stealer

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Wholly difficult to read, and uninspiring. I felt that this sort of science fiction simply doesn't appeal to me anymore. There is a lot more than just spaceships, futures which don't make any sense. If anything, right now the future is wrought with plenty of grim futures, with a change in humanity. And well this… Continue reading Unearthed

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The Thief

Well this will have been nice if it had not been focused so much on just talking about myths with no idea just what it was trying to do. And there was very very little court intrigue from what I could see. The story didn't have anything happen that was of any consequence. It begins… Continue reading The Thief

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Smoke And Iron

This was difficult to buy into. The story starts to branch out but I feel that it is not well thought out. None of the perspectives adds anything to resolve the issue, or even getting them anywhere in the rebellion against the Great Library. Most of it is just then being in captivity and their… Continue reading Smoke And Iron

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In The Presence Of Evil

I just couldn't even guess what this story had in mind. Set in the time of a mad king, but it doesn't really know or guess what it intends to do. The story is about Christine who wishes to become a scribe. And she does without taking any real risks and at the same time… Continue reading In The Presence Of Evil

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The Shadow Land

This was not really what I had in mind when I was reading such a story. It is about a war, but at the same time what happens outside of the war is wholly uninteresting as a whole. And mostly rather disappointing in how it handles the story. Nothing really happens and although I like… Continue reading The Shadow Land

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This was a disappointing book. The previous had managed to catch my attention because of the back and forth with the Goblin King. Here it is about Vienna and the story loses all its charm as well the idea of where it really wants to head in the first place. The story loses all its… Continue reading Shadowsong

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The Weight Of Feathers

This just didn't catch me at the very least. The story felt as though it had no weight even as the title suggested that. The characters were just really really empty. The writing was incredibly nice even if all else seemed to have headed nowhere. The plot could have been better to be more prominent… Continue reading The Weight Of Feathers

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Tarnished City

Well, suddenly the book lost what made it good. The story was heading nowhere for most part, and really really convoluted by this point. It was reading a confusing mess with no idea where it was going for most part. And all the characters were all plain and not really all that outstanding. For most… Continue reading Tarnished City

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For most of the time I was reading, nothing really kept my attention. Or even tried to keep it. The story is about a girl who ends up becoming some apprentice to a dragon. And has a friend who is corrupted or something. And when the dragon helps her, a prince comes to check if… Continue reading Uprooted

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The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

I was really disappointed. For a story that had such a good premise and idea it didn't know where it wanted to go and take the story. The idea of coldtowns as well as vampires were melded in a way that I was genuinely fascinated by them. And how they worked. And how they will… Continue reading The Coldest Girl In Coldtown