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This book made me feel nothing. Despite the constant action, the fact that everything was happening. I enjoyed it but it wasn't anything exceptional. The story doesn't really go very deep into the themes. Even as it laid out a very important development, something that neutralize a renegade. And I thought that it was good… Continue reading Archenemies

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Akame Ga Kill

If anything, I did like the series. Even if there are really really unavoidable holes that I see in the show. It is a work which functions well as a guilty pleasure and entertaining. But on deeper thought, I realise that there is a lot of things lacking. The show could have done better without… Continue reading Akame Ga Kill

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Sky In The Deep

If you're looking for a good Viking story, this isn't it. Not even close. The world is as thin as the piece of paper, the main character is incredibly plain. And most importantly, nothing of importance happens at all. It is just constant mentions of Iri who either betrayed them or not, her constant loyalty… Continue reading Sky In The Deep

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Blood For Blood

This book grabbed me from the moment it began. Everything fell into place, and by the end I was never more surprised nor satisfied. Exploiting the biggest weakness of Germany at that point was that all power was concentrated on just one man. Just one man was holding the power, and if he dies the… Continue reading Blood For Blood

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I feel so underwhelmed by what was given. This wasn't some incredibly gripping thrillers, it had me skimming the pages because of the incredible lack of substance. This was neither a good dystopian, because they were killed because of just overpopulation. What sort of overpopulation that needed this kind of methods. And most importantly, it… Continue reading Prodigy

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Hero At The Fall

This was just okay. It wasn't anything that I will have considered incredibly different from the rest, but it was a lot more entertaining than a lot of books. The story clears and ties up all the ties, and the ending is predictable. Not that the book was dealing with anything really interesting. I'll call… Continue reading Hero At The Fall

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Defy The Worlds

In this case, I did want to see Noemi being much more challenged than she was. Although the ending ended in a way that I didn't except it to at the very least.Abel, on the other hand is a little too robotic for my liking right now. Often lacking in certain areas, and sometimes his… Continue reading Defy The Worlds

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These Vengeful Souls

Well, overall I did think that it was a solid final book. Although there was a whole lot less of enjoyment here. I meant it. The story behind with Evelyn and against Captain Goode. Who is one of the least charmistic villains since he barely makes an appearance, which unfortunately will have at least made… Continue reading These Vengeful Souls

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Youjo Senki

If there is anything I want to say about this, it is one with the most unique protagonist. It isn't a story about military, it is about capitalism. As the main character simply wants to work her way to the top and then have an easy life. Regardless of the methods she uses to get… Continue reading Youjo Senki

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Daughter Of The Siren Queen

This was a pretty fun and decent book. Nothing incredibly unique or special at all, but still a simple fun adventure. And instead of about saving the world, it is all about her family. I appreciate that it isn't as serious as it makes itself to be as the next time I hear about a… Continue reading Daughter Of The Siren Queen

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Guns Of The Dawn

This could have been so much better. The setting was intriguing but that was about it. I had a huge set of problems connecting with the main character, and the plot seemed far too slow and much too subtle for my liking. It is in the middle of a war, and they are recruiting girls… Continue reading Guns Of The Dawn

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Godwine Kingmaker

This was far more than what I anticipated or even felt about it. A time where I was unfamiliar, but instead of a king it was through the eyes of an earl. A very powerful one who controlled much of the power at the time. This was his story, as his rise and eventual fall.… Continue reading Godwine Kingmaker

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Tempests and Slaughter

And here is where I say that it just didn't work out. I didn't like any of the characters and the setting was mysterious at best. And at the same time, the characters are really bland at best. I couldn't find what was so incredibly outstanding about the characters at all. There was nothing interesting… Continue reading Tempests and Slaughter

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Vengeance Road

This was incredibly okay. I didn't like the entire book, but I don't hate it either. The story was predictable in some way and not in another. I guess it is just something about the setting. There will be a lot of travelling, and a lot of moments where nothing happens. And also, they always… Continue reading Vengeance Road

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Jack Was Here

This was an interesting thriller. A story about a father hiring his brother to find his son, and a tale of Thailand. Despite how close the country is to mine, to the point that many visited Thailand. I never did. Although I do know of its dangers, and the way that a lot of things… Continue reading Jack Was Here

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Wolf By Wolf

Well, this is a premise which does fascinate and intrigue. I don't doubt it, since we all heard of Hitler, and his atrocities during World War II. And this explores what will have happened if it was true. And well, it didn't disappoint. The entire setting managed to capture the horror that will have occurred… Continue reading Wolf By Wolf

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The Queen Of All Crows

I found this quite enjoyable to a degree. Such as the way that the relationship between Elizabeth and Julia is the one which is the most important. And the secrets behind their choices. But something really lacked, such as the fact that almost no answers were even provided. Even till the end, as to why… Continue reading The Queen Of All Crows

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Blood And Destiny

This was strangely entertaining. I greatly cared for all the characters here. And there were many moments where I felt something for the characters, and their predicaments. I liked Matthew, he was relatable and understandable. The writing was old without ever being too difficult to even read, or taking a lot to comprehend. And the… Continue reading Blood And Destiny

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Swords And Slavery

This wasn't meant for me. I guess something really lacked about the Druids to have made me really care for them, and like them. But I guess I just prefer historical fiction that talks more about mysteries, psychological themes, thrillers. Just not stories centred around the cruelties of war, and a cast of characters who… Continue reading Swords And Slavery

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City Of Saints And Thieves

Well, this was rather enjoyable. In how the work itself told the tale of a city that existed, and the story of Tina. I did like Tina, I clicked with her easily and I understood her motivations. Yet, something just felt so predictable about her story. Almost as though I saw it coming a long… Continue reading City Of Saints And Thieves