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Sky In The Deep

If you're looking for a good Viking story, this isn't it. Not even close. The world is as thin as the piece of paper, the main character is incredibly plain. And most importantly, nothing of importance happens at all. It is just constant mentions of Iri who either betrayed them or not, her constant loyalty… Continue reading Sky In The Deep

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For a story that talks about kingdoms, there is surprisingly little of it. And again, the main issue here is the characters having no distinction at all. Rielle was still okay, I understood her motivations and why she wanted what she did. But little else was expanded, her back story was empty and for a… Continue reading Furyborn

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A Skinful Of Shadows

If anything, this surprised me as I began to turn the pages. The main character was someone with reason, someone with much thing going for her, and this is a tale about a girl finding her own brother. As much as it is escaping from danger, and a horrible environment. And yet, such a simple… Continue reading A Skinful Of Shadows

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The Pirate Bride

In expectations I wanted something like a sea voyage with a woman who was married to a pirate. It is interesting in the premise, but the book was a sore disappointment. I didn't like any of the characters, which they didn't make me hate them but I also disliked them. A lot. The plot being… Continue reading The Pirate Bride

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Hero At The Fall

This was just okay. It wasn't anything that I will have considered incredibly different from the rest, but it was a lot more entertaining than a lot of books. The story clears and ties up all the ties, and the ending is predictable. Not that the book was dealing with anything really interesting. I'll call… Continue reading Hero At The Fall

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Children Of Blood And Bone

It was gripping at the start, but seened to have lost that later on in the book. With a middle that is neither interesting nor really hitting the right dots to connect me emotionally. As well as a world that will have made me interested. This just fails to really make me care about the… Continue reading Children Of Blood And Bone

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To Kill A Kingdom

This was okay. I like the whole concept of the story as it is, as well as the execution of the plot and packing. The writing was rather charming and never becomes sloppy at the end of the book. It is decent, with a villain that is hinted and built upon. However, I didn't really… Continue reading To Kill A Kingdom

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Daughter Of The Siren Queen

This was a pretty fun and decent book. Nothing incredibly unique or special at all, but still a simple fun adventure. And instead of about saving the world, it is all about her family. I appreciate that it isn't as serious as it makes itself to be as the next time I hear about a… Continue reading Daughter Of The Siren Queen

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Tempests and Slaughter

And here is where I say that it just didn't work out. I didn't like any of the characters and the setting was mysterious at best. And at the same time, the characters are really bland at best. I couldn't find what was so incredibly outstanding about the characters at all. There was nothing interesting… Continue reading Tempests and Slaughter

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Vengeance Road

This was incredibly okay. I didn't like the entire book, but I don't hate it either. The story was predictable in some way and not in another. I guess it is just something about the setting. There will be a lot of travelling, and a lot of moments where nothing happens. And also, they always… Continue reading Vengeance Road

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Jack Was Here

This was an interesting thriller. A story about a father hiring his brother to find his son, and a tale of Thailand. Despite how close the country is to mine, to the point that many visited Thailand. I never did. Although I do know of its dangers, and the way that a lot of things… Continue reading Jack Was Here

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Well, I found myself understanding and even caring for Greer quite a bit. And the whole idea of having tradition needing to be kept, no matter the means. The main characters were likeable, and truly growed throughout the book itself. It isn't really about rich kids having the money and power to do what they… Continue reading S.T.A.G.S

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The Queen Of All Crows

I found this quite enjoyable to a degree. Such as the way that the relationship between Elizabeth and Julia is the one which is the most important. And the secrets behind their choices. But something really lacked, such as the fact that almost no answers were even provided. Even till the end, as to why… Continue reading The Queen Of All Crows

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Blood And Destiny

This was strangely entertaining. I greatly cared for all the characters here. And there were many moments where I felt something for the characters, and their predicaments. I liked Matthew, he was relatable and understandable. The writing was old without ever being too difficult to even read, or taking a lot to comprehend. And the… Continue reading Blood And Destiny

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Made In Abyss

No matter how much this seems like an anime meant for children, it really isn't. There are all sorts of dark stuff which happens in the series, some things which has even moved me to tears, or realised how messed up it was, especially in the later episodes. And basically, this is an anime which… Continue reading Made In Abyss

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The Sisters Mederos

This was one which worked for me, completely. That the relationship of the sisters, and even the mystery was the centre of it all. There is no romance here, but it certainly doesn't take away from the series at all. I enjoyed Tesara and Yvienne, in how they interacted as sisters. Worked on getting the… Continue reading The Sisters Mederos

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This was by all means, dark and satisfying. Even for a middle grade book, this was one which did truly explore the depths of being exploited and alone. With no one to stand up for them. A tale of a lonely girl and the way that many take advantage of her, when she does something… Continue reading Whichwood

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The Black Witch

Despite what many say about this book, I don't find it racist. I find it a cautious portrayal about the issues that we face. The confusion that we have when all we know isn't what it should be. There is really not true good or bad here. And Elloren faces that all of the races… Continue reading The Black Witch

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Deadhouse Landing

DNF I found nothing even remotely interesting about this book. As much as I tried to read it, it never seemed to get anywhere. And well, when it never seems to get anywhere safely to say I just drop it. I found it quite aimless to be honest, and none of the characters got to… Continue reading Deadhouse Landing

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The Mongrel Mage

I tried to like this work. And well, the writing was good enough to keep my attention and the world fascinating. But once again, the plot felt all over the place and the main character barely had a presence. I like when main characters are prominent. Not just buried into the cast with little to… Continue reading The Mongrel Mage