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Making your own education

The art of educating ourselves does not always lie in the classroom. I realized that I didn't really learn a ton of things or really found formal education all that useful. Instead, I sought to expand my own skillset using online courses and picking up new skills that I feel I will need. At this… Continue reading Making your own education

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Requesting For A Beta

I have been a recent beta, but as luck will have it I saw some very interesting things happen during the time. And here are some of them. #1 Posts are meant to be read Although it becomes easier for me to narrow down requests if I ignore those who simply don't bother looking through… Continue reading Requesting For A Beta

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How do I do Nano

Anyway, this month I have decided to take part on Nanowrimo, you can find me here. For once, I have decided to do so because it just so happened to have coincided with an idea that I got on Oct 30, while I was writing a novel that was getting scrapped. But after almost ten… Continue reading How do I do Nano

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On Finishing A Novel 

I typed the last word of my first novel a few weeks ago. And I knew what came next. Editing. But I decide that it should be saved for another day. And I know it is the hardest thing to ever accomplish for a writer.  Finishing a novel can be one of the greatest joys,… Continue reading On Finishing A Novel 

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Making Characters Realistic

Realistic characters are really difficult to create, and really difficult to handle. Even if they lack the sort of heroism that most protagonists have, but when they are done well I like them a lot more than before.  Why?  Because it means that they aren't immune, they also have an awareness about them. It makes… Continue reading Making Characters Realistic

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Making A Character Three-dimensional 

This can be one of the most difficult to pull off, and even sometimes I can barely pull it off. Making three dimensional characters is a must in almost any book, if you ask me. But it is also the headache for many writers, even me to an extent.  The first thing which I would… Continue reading Making A Character Three-dimensional 

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Improving Your Craft

To others that might include a lot of steps. But to me, I guess the main idea is to write, write and write. You probably wouldn't know what sounds good on your first novel, but after countless tries, your work would sound better albeit still not perfect.  But the most basic thing you have to… Continue reading Improving Your Craft

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Making A Story Original

A story can be as clichéd or as original as you want to be. There always will be borrowed elements from elsewhere, but to me it is bringing something new to these elements and frankly speaking what you think of them.  I mean, we write books which are meant to be subjective. There is no… Continue reading Making A Story Original

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On Worldbuilding

To me, this is as important as making characters itself. How your world is structured would make your characters, it would show what kind of society they grew up in, the kind of beliefs they were raised in. And to me, it is important.  Some writers treat this as a character itself, to me it… Continue reading On Worldbuilding

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Creating Believable Characters

This applies to main characters mostly. I really hate characters which are always doing the right thing. They are simply not believable to me in the least. Whenever I read a book about such characters, most of the time I think they are stupid.  There is always a fine line between having a moral code… Continue reading Creating Believable Characters

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Making Time Out To Write 

If you have a busy schedule like I do, each day having so much in your plate yet still wanting to write, then you have come to the right post. Here is where I am going to share some of my secrets on how I manage to write every single day.  #1 Keep A Schedule … Continue reading Making Time Out To Write 

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The Benefits Of Planning 

Many authors don't plan, and not saying they are wrong. But for me, planning works so well for a reason, it's because it saves a me a lot of time since I already know where the story is heading.  And planning can be as detailed as an outline, or as loose as just a couple… Continue reading The Benefits Of Planning 

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On Writing Description 

I would say is something that I use to dread but now I really enjoy writing description. It's where I can tell and even show, and also give hints about the world and how it goes.  But description should not be just about the surroundings, it can include worldbuilding, emotions and even more than just… Continue reading On Writing Description 

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Keeping A Notebook

I would say this is vital to almost every writer that there is some place where you can just put all your ideas. It is rather important for me, and I end up buying three to four notebooks each year just for this. Sometimes for ideas, other times just for outlining and sometimes for details.… Continue reading Keeping A Notebook

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Third Person or First Person

This can be a headache or a breeze for some, but really for me I think it goes down to one thing. How far does your scope go? Is the characters going to be present in all the important scenes? Or will they not be completely so?  As how big your scope is can decide… Continue reading Third Person or First Person

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What Makes A Character Compelling?

I would say, their personality. Not just their personality but also their flaws, their weaknesses. But most importantly is that none of the characters in your world should be able to get off scot free when they have done something wrong. Or are not excluded from repercussions.  And for me, I liked watching my characters… Continue reading What Makes A Character Compelling?

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Having Doubts On The Story

I have rewritten a book many many times, the moment where I didn't like where the story was heading. Or it simply didn't make sense anymore.. Even if I have wasted a lot of time on the first couple of drafts. But I feel it's a necessity.  As a horrible story that doesn't seem to… Continue reading Having Doubts On The Story

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Choosing Between A Plot-driven, or charater-driven story. 

Personally, it's not just about the style or the nature of the story. It's not really up to choice, as without either of them the entire story would fall. Even if it leans to be a bit more on either side, I still expect a decent plot or relatable characters who have some depth.  And… Continue reading Choosing Between A Plot-driven, or charater-driven story. 

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Clichés, should it be used or avoided at all costs? 

Personally, I'm fine with clichés that are few and far between the entire story. Notorious or not, I don't really judge it as long as it has a reason to exist in that particular novel. Or a reasonable explanation why. Or a good plot twist with that cliché.  Personally, clichés are fine when they are… Continue reading Clichés, should it be used or avoided at all costs? 

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How far should a writer plan?

Honestly, I don't think it should be a lot of the entire book. Mostly I plan out the plot and what has to happen to push it forward. And worldbuilding details when it comes to me. And also the rough personality of the characters and their role.  I normally keep my options open, and more… Continue reading How far should a writer plan?