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Final Resting Place

This was just uninspiring as a whole. I didn't know where it was heading for most of the part and it seemed to lack any clear direction as well. The story was largely difficult for me to really understand what was going on. Despite the fact that it was about America and a famous president… Continue reading Final Resting Place

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The Pirate Bride

In expectations I wanted something like a sea voyage with a woman who was married to a pirate. It is interesting in the premise, but the book was a sore disappointment. I didn't like any of the characters, which they didn't make me hate them but I also disliked them. A lot. The plot being… Continue reading The Pirate Bride

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The Hate U Give

For such a book, it seems so incredibly dry. Maybe it's because I'm not American, and I live in a country that had done a good job just dealing with race. But it just didn't click with me, I did not feel anything from it. Not angry about what happened to Khalil, not at how… Continue reading The Hate U Give

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Sold On A Monday

This was just disappointing. At some point in time, I wanted to like the characters. But it just felt so added about the whole idea of being sold. It wasn't the main focus, about finding the children, the impact or anything. It just took way too long for them to even say they were sold,… Continue reading Sold On A Monday

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Vengeance Road

This was incredibly okay. I didn't like the entire book, but I don't hate it either. The story was predictable in some way and not in another. I guess it is just something about the setting. There will be a lot of travelling, and a lot of moments where nothing happens. And also, they always… Continue reading Vengeance Road

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The Flame Never Dies

This was one book which I really didn't expect a lot of things. And well, it was written in such a way that I fully enjoyed the series. For what it was, and how it was written. To me, this isn't like most books. The premise is original, and the sequel definitely surprised me in… Continue reading The Flame Never Dies

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A Dying Note

Something about this just didn't click well with me at all. The story was not to my taste and didn't really feel like a mystery. The plot was slow, but so slow that almost nothing happened for much of the book. There were some moments which moved the plot forward. But since this was a… Continue reading A Dying Note

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The Gilded Years

I greatly enjoyed the way the story was written, the way it narrated a less known woman who had an intriguing past. And well, the scandal she is known for is the main plot of the novel. Nothing else. Such as how the story narrates the tale of Anita, and the fact that she was… Continue reading The Gilded Years

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A Hope Divided

This was okay. It is just that I am rarely into historical romances, and well this managed to make me read through the story without ever skimming. A little rare. But most importantly, was that their relationship was slow. There were moments where it was held back, but I get it. Or moments where nothing… Continue reading A Hope Divided