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In all ways, this is a slow piece of work. With Circe as the centre of it all, the one who is not only flawed, but also condemned. It is a slow piece of work. Taking time to build Circe, and time passes very very fast. For a girl that has been outcasted, she wears… Continue reading Circe

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From Unseen Fire

This was something which really caught my attention. It took time, but all the characters were fleshed out with it. And focusing on a central cast. Something that I felt was extraneous by this point had been the Iberian side. Which was anything except interesting. But when it came to Aven, on Latona and Septimius,… Continue reading From Unseen Fire

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Swords And Slavery

This wasn't meant for me. I guess something really lacked about the Druids to have made me really care for them, and like them. But I guess I just prefer historical fiction that talks more about mysteries, psychological themes, thrillers. Just not stories centred around the cruelties of war, and a cast of characters who… Continue reading Swords And Slavery

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White Panther

If anything, I really didn't care much after a while. It just seemed to have lacked something that drew me into the story, even though I enjoyed the narration at the beginning. I really didn't like it although the setting was intriguing, about a group that I knew barely about. Since it is set during… Continue reading White Panther