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Fullmetal Alchemist

This was something that refused to let me go even months after I completed the story. The story opened a whole new perspective to the way I did things. In all essence, this was one of the best stories I had the chance to encounter. The story's biggest strength is the balance, the well rounded… Continue reading Fullmetal Alchemist

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The Promised Neverland

Contrary to what many thought I never really got into the series. It got good then it didn't. And after a while I just didn't care about the series enough. It had a unique premise, I'll give it that but it also brought a lot of problems too. At times it just dragged. The story… Continue reading The Promised Neverland

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No Game No Life

If anything, this was incredibly clever. In all ways that I was surprised at the twists of each episode. And each of them were well planned out, thought out and actions served a purpose in their own way. Even in 12 episodes, I feel as though a lot has happened since the beginning of the… Continue reading No Game No Life

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Mob Psycho 100

If anything, this was rather clever and fun at how it managed to include most of the tropes and then differ from them that makes the characters memorable and at the same time familiar. This managed to set a story in a middle and yet doesn't feel that it is incredibly childish or formulaic with… Continue reading Mob Psycho 100

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This is one of the strangest anime I have had the luck of seeing. Mostly because I did not really see any gambling anime. Even as it is far from perfect. The story has the weakest links in trying to make the characters actually seem relatable instead of right out of the asylums. Apart from… Continue reading Kakegurui

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Akame Ga Kill

If anything, I did like the series. Even if there are really really unavoidable holes that I see in the show. It is a work which functions well as a guilty pleasure and entertaining. But on deeper thought, I realise that there is a lot of things lacking. The show could have done better without… Continue reading Akame Ga Kill

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Bungou Stray Dogs

I won't say that this is perfect by any means, it takes quite a while for it to be really addictive. But this is a series that gets better as time passes, with the people who worked on it being able to direct the story in a better direction. There are a lot of characters… Continue reading Bungou Stray Dogs

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Youjo Senki

If there is anything I want to say about this, it is one with the most unique protagonist. It isn't a story about military, it is about capitalism. As the main character simply wants to work her way to the top and then have an easy life. Regardless of the methods she uses to get… Continue reading Youjo Senki

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Why I like Gintama

I began to get myself addicted to Gintama late last year and binged most of it within this year. And well, it's time to reveal all the reasons why I like it. #1 The Characters Run The Show Trust me, for this manga, it is so. Because almost anything can freaking happen. Even an arc… Continue reading Why I like Gintama

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Made In Abyss

No matter how much this seems like an anime meant for children, it really isn't. There are all sorts of dark stuff which happens in the series, some things which has even moved me to tears, or realised how messed up it was, especially in the later episodes. And basically, this is an anime which… Continue reading Made In Abyss

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Kuroshitsuji 131

I feel as though nothing is moving the plot, except that we get some needed answers and also pretty good words from Dee. He probably knows what it was like to be just a younger son, bearing the same name except that he was never destined to inherit. And neither would anyone consider him to… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 131

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Kuroshitsuji 130

Nothing really happened this chapter. Except that whenever I see Vincent knowing that he had twins, I would expect him to spend the next couple of days just thinking about names. And he clearly looked surprised.  Before:  After:  And during this wedding, did Frances manage to comb his hair or something. Seems as though it… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 130

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Kuroshitsuji 129

This chapter is what some have been waiting for years. The confirmation of the twin theory. Where Real Ciel actually shows up, while Ciel is lying. And now, I feel as though the next chapter would be hell for Ciel. Since he would be facing all his fears, all he likes coming crashing down onto… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 129

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Kuroshitsuji 128

What is revealed here can say that it can be his twin. It's really the only reason why Ciel looks so incredibly frightened, why Soma recognized him and why Lizzy chose to stay at the music hall. And how the message is veiled subtly. "Who stole the candy from my tummy?" These does suggest that… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 128

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Pandora Hearts 

I really like this manga, due to its pacing and the way it has managed to handle everything and end it quite nicely. All the while losing some characters which to me developed to be quite a favourite. So, to me this manga has been a much better one as compared to others.  To me,… Continue reading Pandora Hearts 

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Kuroshitsuji 127

Well, Soma survived. But it really seems that Agni would die, given it all. I'm more or less confirmed seeing that there was a panel where Ciel asked whether he was even breathing. And well, he's not. The only thing I'm really sad about, is that these two characters in a sense provide some light… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 127

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Kuroshitsuji 126

I would say that this is a cliffhanger which I didn't expect either. But for certain, I am not expecting it to be Ciel. At least not the Earl we have always known, which brings me whether the next chapter might reveal the Two Ciel Theory.  Well, since with how Soma particularly acted around this… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 126

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I have to admit that I took a very short time to finish this anime(technically three days). Firstly, it was mostly to kill boredom before it became an obsession with this show. I would say that this is less of a mystery but more of historical fiction. Mystery wise, it is very easy to solve… Continue reading Gosick 

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Kuroshitsuji 125 

Well, here is plot movement at last. The chapter revealed what happened to the P4, which seems that they are on the run after all this. They do seem to be nothing more than simply pawns apart from Violet who seems rather important.  As for Bravat, is there another mastermind behind him? Clearly there is.… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 125 

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Kuroshitsuji 124

I think plot moment is finally here. Even though the previous chapter already revealed the whole scheme of things, and why Ciel started the boy bands. It wasn't solely for competition but for the sole purpose of having Sphere Hall slip up.   And about the blood theory, I don't think it has anything regarding… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 124