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The Last Queen

If anything, this was the story of a Queen who simply had too many tragedies happen to her. And at the same time, it is a story where a woman must discern what was right and what is wrong. Everyone around her wishes to use her to accomplish something. Or seem like it. Her mother,… Continue reading The Last Queen

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If anything I was enthralled by the story. The writing came alive, as much as Alma did. The various things that defined her and where she will go on next. The climax being a triumph, the ability for her to learn to compose again. The feeling that she was back to being who she was… Continue reading Ecstasy

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Song Of A Captive Bird

This was a beautiful piece of writing, in the way the story was developed, created, and written. A woman who led a different life from most of Iranian girls. And the fact that she will eventually go to surprise almost everyone who meets her. For she became the poetess who defied the norms, went against… Continue reading Song Of A Captive Bird

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Godwine Kingmaker

This was far more than what I anticipated or even felt about it. A time where I was unfamiliar, but instead of a king it was through the eyes of an earl. A very powerful one who controlled much of the power at the time. This was his story, as his rise and eventual fall.… Continue reading Godwine Kingmaker

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This was a really enjoyable work, at least to me. I found the tale of Maud and her life during her teenaged years fascinating. And at the same time quite sad and even poignant, reflecting upon the helplessness of a girl in those times. Where she has to stay with someone and becomes extremely dependent… Continue reading Maud