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Jin Xiu Wei Yang

Something has to be wrong if I can be finding a drama background noise, I kind of mean it. It was full on background noise, in the worst sense possible. And this are the reasons why I think that it was just a recipe for disaster. #1 The villains are driven by jealously You know… Continue reading Jin Xiu Wei Yang

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Why I Still Think Nirvana In Fire Is The Best

#1 The Story A lot of us shed tears for the ending, and I still can relook at Nirvana in Fire, with hope, and enjoyment. I still look for gifs regarding the series, I still look at tumblr, and I was addicted to Nirvana In Fire Fanfiction after the drama. Because I cared for all… Continue reading Why I Still Think Nirvana In Fire Is The Best

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Why I Dropped Princess Agents

By half of it, the only thing which motivated me to continue watching sadly was Yan Xun. The eventual main villain, because his transformation was the most believable out of all of them. And his was the most entertaining. Understandable, and even made me root for him. Because of everything that he lost, I understood.… Continue reading Why I Dropped Princess Agents

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Sense And Sensibility: Manga Classics

Well, I somewhat enjoyed the adaption. On a level, I could feel emotion towards the main characters and the struggles they go through. I feel that it is rather truthful and even real. I cared for Marianne the most, somehow Elinor was lost on me. I didn't really care much about her. And the way… Continue reading Sense And Sensibility: Manga Classics

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Kuroshitsuji 126

I would say that this is a cliffhanger which I didn't expect either. But for certain, I am not expecting it to be Ciel. At least not the Earl we have always known, which brings me whether the next chapter might reveal the Two Ciel Theory.  Well, since with how Soma particularly acted around this… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 126

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Chang Ge Xing 

This was quite a decent drama, is how I rate it. It has its faults and even weaknesses yet I still considered it a rather good story, at least the main character isn't a Mary Sue. And that here the plot was decent although leaving a fill plot holes here and there. But overall, it… Continue reading Chang Ge Xing 

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Mi Yue Zhuan

A whole month I spent on watching this drama, yes it was that long. Managing to finish 81 episodes in a month is already a feat. Let's start the review. One thing I have to say about this drama is that we finally get a good heroine that is only good at the last ten… Continue reading Mi Yue Zhuan

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Well, currently I'm thinking on starting a nirvana in fire Fanfiction maybe sometime next week, after I watch it once more and read the novel. Well, where it begins I may start with one shots here for the time being although I do have an idea for a long Fanfic and maybe several but I… Continue reading Update

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Nirvana In Fire

This drama I only had one word for it: breathtaking. A true masterpiece. Never have I been so moved by a drama even once in my life. Even more so for a Chinese drama. Even if it wasn't in my usual genre, political intrigue along with something along the lines of a palace. Being the… Continue reading Nirvana In Fire

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The first myth review

This post would centre around the first myth a Chinese drama. This was something that I really enjoyed from top to bottom even with the cliffhanger ending of the first part it kept me reading. It wad truly interesting to watch this and see how it unfolded in fact and I laughed at everything there,… Continue reading The first myth review

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Rookie Agent Rogue

This is a new drama by Zhao Li Ying and would probably be her first one in the china Republican era, she would be playing a amateur spy with Lu Yi and he would be playing a mature one. It takes place nearing the Japanese invasion of China. Zhao Li Ying doesn't look half bad,… Continue reading Rookie Agent Rogue

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My watch list

Dramas that would come out this year, and a list of dramas that I would watch. Rookie Agent Rogue Thw Legend Of Zu The Imperial Doctress Legend of Mi Yue Three heroes and five gallants Song in the clouds(not sure) Singing all along The four Legend of the moon and stars Ode to gallantry Qin's… Continue reading My watch list

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The Legend Of Zu

This is a drama that I'm waiting for it to come out even though it's already out but I would prefer a better version. I only saw the first two episodes and so far it's good. Zhao Li Ying is playing a double role here where one is good and the other extremely shady and… Continue reading The Legend Of Zu

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The Journey Of Flower

This drama is considered the most popular drama and a must watch of 2015, I watched it to the end, it really was a tragedy. It was so good that I even went to read the novel ending, my Chinese isn't as good as those in China as I'm from Singapore and I could understand… Continue reading The Journey Of Flower

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Romance of the condor heroes review

I think that it is a generally okay show, Chen Xiao as Yang Guo is fine, except for the costume before the sixteen year gseparation, it seriously reminds me of a beggar As for Michelle Chen, I rather liked her portrayal, however if there was one person to blame for looking like a sore thumb… Continue reading Romance of the condor heroes review