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Why I Still Think Nirvana In Fire Is The Best

#1 The Story A lot of us shed tears for the ending, and I still can relook at Nirvana in Fire, with hope, and enjoyment. I still look for gifs regarding the series, I still look at tumblr, and I was addicted to Nirvana In Fire Fanfiction after the drama. Because I cared for all… Continue reading Why I Still Think Nirvana In Fire Is The Best

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Well, currently I'm thinking on starting a nirvana in fire Fanfiction maybe sometime next week, after I watch it once more and read the novel. Well, where it begins I may start with one shots here for the time being although I do have an idea for a long Fanfic and maybe several but I… Continue reading Update

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Nirvana In Fire

This drama I only had one word for it: breathtaking. A true masterpiece. Never have I been so moved by a drama even once in my life. Even more so for a Chinese drama. Even if it wasn't in my usual genre, political intrigue along with something along the lines of a palace. Being the… Continue reading Nirvana In Fire