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The Collector of Dying Breaths

Again, it suffered from the same problem. Except that I just couldn't understand the characterization of Catherine de' Medici. I am someone who likes Catherine de' Medici, a woman who had done her all to save France as she could. And even from a young age didn't enjoy the sheltered living that many said she… Continue reading The Collector of Dying Breaths

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A Thousand Perfect Notes

This was entirely beautiful. There is something about this work, even as it is all about a pianist. As much as it is to not have your children live out your dreams. Something that resonates with me far more than anything else. I have grown up with expectations placed on me even as they waned… Continue reading A Thousand Perfect Notes

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The Last Mrs Parish

I really enjoyed this far more than anything else. A story about two women. One who wants to climb her way to the top no matter how she gets there, the other the perfect wife who seems to be unaware. Or is she? This story takes these perspectives and makes them entertaining. Especially Daphne's twist… Continue reading The Last Mrs Parish

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The Hate U Give

For such a book, it seems so incredibly dry. Maybe it's because I'm not American, and I live in a country that had done a good job just dealing with race. But it just didn't click with me, I did not feel anything from it. Not angry about what happened to Khalil, not at how… Continue reading The Hate U Give

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The Hazel Wood

I just didn't understand the story at all. It took way too long, for anything to happen. And none of the characters were even remotely interesting. Alice has nothing that really makes me interested in her. She is boring, and she lacks a lot of agency. She doesn't do anything which will catch my eye,… Continue reading The Hazel Wood

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The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

It wasn't anything that was groundbreaking or new. But it was satisfying, it told a story and made itself to be entertaining. Which is more than enough to keep me hooked. Delia is the main character and she goes through quite a lot. I prefer not to say, since the entire reason why I began… Continue reading The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

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The Case Of The Deadly Doppelganger

Do I care about any of the characters? No. Do I care about what happens? No, I don't even know what is happening. And I tend to realise that most mystery novels work regardless of whether I'm reading the sequel or not. Since a lot of them have cases as the center of each book,… Continue reading The Case Of The Deadly Doppelganger

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Ten Thousand Skies Above You

By all means, this explored the different aspects of alternate dimension traveling. And I think that it was incredibly thorough, very very thorough. Such as the idea of what happened when people facing danger decides to jump, but it doesn't work. Which also sets up the plot of the book. And also makes things turn… Continue reading Ten Thousand Skies Above You

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This was a thriller which made me think that perhaps, I should just grab books off the shelf. Apparently, it manages to make me enjoy much of the story. Especially if it blends fiction with reality, and here the Carrion King was an intriguing tale which was used here. And that almost all of them… Continue reading Wychwood

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In Sight Of Stars

Although I wanted a book talking about the issue of suicide and how people often recover from it, I found that this had almost nothing to offer me as a tale. I found the story incredibly boring, and felt that it wasn't going anywhere. There wasn't any tension regarding the turmoil Marielle went through, or… Continue reading In Sight Of Stars

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A Taste Of Evil

There was nothing about this that was even remotely entertaining. I was rather confused as to what was happening and given the way it was narrated, I was half expecting Julia to get revenge. Which I most certainly didn't, since it turns to a normal murder mystery pretty soon. And why was Julia even a… Continue reading A Taste Of Evil

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See All The Stars

Well, nothing really interested me. Although I am a teemager but when I like contemporary books it has to be something that I don't see being written about everyday. Here is mostly romance, school and all the usual things we go through. But I find that boring. I don't like it. I rather young adult… Continue reading See All The Stars

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They Both Die At The End

Well, by all means this was one of unique premise and at the same time one that touched into the topics on life and the uncertainty of death. It follows two friends who find out that they're dying within the next twenty four hours. And that there is no way to avoid it. The ending… Continue reading They Both Die At The End

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The Night Child

I liked this story quite a bit, although I barely connected with Nora. But her tale is still something that I feel always will have a place. Such as the fact that sexual abuse by their own parents is still prevalent here, and most of the victims tend not to say anything or even block… Continue reading The Night Child

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The Fifth Gospel

This grabbed me from the start, a tale of secrets betrayal with history. Which all together made for a very good read. Even when I'm not Christian. I like how Alex is so important to the story. His past, his character all affects changes. And that even when faced with the harsh truth about his… Continue reading The Fifth Gospel

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I found this beautifully crafted to create a haunting ghost story which I will remember for ages to come. That is likely to happen, when I remember the story.  Such as about Mary, who is bullied to a severe degree and her uniqueness. Which draws the wrong kind of attention, like it should in those… Continue reading Thornhill 

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Wicked Charm

Well it will have been better if it wasn't for the fact that everything was predictable. I saw everything a mile away. Like really far away. And then romance was predictable, although having a murder mystery added in did add some tension. But Willow becomes a target just because she is in love with Beau… Continue reading Wicked Charm

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Jane, Unlimited

And this is a book where I really liked the way it was written. The path of unlimited possibilities and the story of Jane and her choices. This is really light on the romance but it is all about possibilities, her choices. And for once, this worked with me. Since the author had a very… Continue reading Jane, Unlimited

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All Her Secrets

DNF Well, something about this just didn't work. Apart from the fact that I cared almost nothing about Victoria or Sam but I found dreadfully boring. Even when Victoria was getting kidnapped. And well, she didn't seem to be thinking too hard as to how to get out at all. Although I get that she… Continue reading All Her Secrets

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Black Goat Blues

I just really didn't understand nor care what was happening here. That was the main problem. The characters were flat and the plot was nonexistent, and that was just about it. At the beginning the writing was rather charming, but right about the end I found it tedious and even annoying as it was just… Continue reading Black Goat Blues