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Creating Characters 

To me, it's the easiest thing to do. I love creating characters and finding out what makes them tick and what makes them live? And yet they can also be the hardest to create and breathe life into.  To create a character isn't to have them focus onto one trait and emphasis on it, but… Continue reading Creating Characters 

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On Planning 

Planning may be dreadful for some, but it always helps. Even if they are just notes to remind yourself, as I spend plenty of paper on them. And virtual paper with various entries that may be unrelated to each other. I really don't want to lose any great idea. But it always helps to keep… Continue reading On Planning 

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To Begin As A Writer 

Well, I always thought I wasn't creative and never did much. Even though when I was eleven or twelve, I spent most of the time thinking some crazy fanfiction for nearly two years and it eventually became the main work of my life.  So, how did I begin as an aspiring writer? One day it… Continue reading To Begin As A Writer 

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Writing Experiences 

This is really my first post talking about writing here, as I have been writing seriously for the past year and if you are interested in my works most of it is here.   I mostly write a lot of fantasy, and for the past year since I started writing seriously I learned a lot. Be it… Continue reading Writing Experiences 

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Well, currently I'm thinking on starting a nirvana in fire Fanfiction maybe sometime next week, after I watch it once more and read the novel. Well, where it begins I may start with one shots here for the time being although I do have an idea for a long Fanfic and maybe several but I… Continue reading Update

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Rookie Agent Rogue

This is a new drama by Zhao Li Ying and would probably be her first one in the china Republican era, she would be playing a amateur spy with Lu Yi and he would be playing a mature one. It takes place nearing the Japanese invasion of China. Zhao Li Ying doesn't look half bad,… Continue reading Rookie Agent Rogue

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The Good Dinosaur Review

Today I went to the cinema to watch a movie with my family. This was on the list of movies that my brother could watch and the only one that he wanted. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about it. However, I was completely surprised about this movie. It's that good in fact, I do… Continue reading The Good Dinosaur Review

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My watch list

Dramas that would come out this year, and a list of dramas that I would watch. Rookie Agent Rogue Thw Legend Of Zu The Imperial Doctress Legend of Mi Yue Three heroes and five gallants Song in the clouds(not sure) Singing all along The four Legend of the moon and stars Ode to gallantry Qin's… Continue reading My watch list