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A leap into nonfiction

Nonfiction had been my newest idea to try and spice up my reading. And so far it has given me quite an insight into developing characters, themes as well as understanding how to market. I went into nonfiction because of boredom and a lack of anything to really read. Nothing was really transporting me anywhere… Continue reading A leap into nonfiction

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The difference between coding and programming

It is a very very subtle difference. But it is still a difference. And as a student of IT I realized that the core difference between coding and programming. What is it all about. Programing is about programming machines to do something. Coding is creating codes from one language to the other. That is a… Continue reading The difference between coding and programming

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Why Won’t I Finish Divergent?

Till this day I have never finished Allegiant. Divergent came at the height of my teen years, with a movie and everything. But why won't I finish it no matter how bad the ending was. #1 The ending really killed it The ending was absolutely ridiculous, as much as the rest of the story was.… Continue reading Why Won’t I Finish Divergent?

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What is wrong with YA?

I went through a phase of my life where all YA books I read was often terrible. For lack of better word. And it's as though YA had lost most of the charm that defined it for what it was. Or that it is just me, where I grew as a person enough to feel… Continue reading What is wrong with YA?

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What is a serial?

Honestly speaking, I am writing serials. From the very beginning serials have always been how I planned out my stories more than novels. Since I always thought beyond just a single book, beyond just a trilogy. I merely thought about the story, where it begins and where it ends.And here is where I will talk… Continue reading What is a serial?

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My idea: Writing App

Faced any frustration with apps before? Unable to find a good home for your stories? I may have a solution to your problems. Writing App: Endless Pages Features: Tags system to sort books, genres to me are wholly difficult to define a story and lumping them together can be hard. Serial or Novel: I'm accommodating… Continue reading My idea: Writing App

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The importance of conflict

Without conflict, I can say there will be no story. Conflict raises all the stakes, is the one which keeps me hooked, excited and curious just where to see it. It is what keeps people reading, as I don't want to know every detail of the character's life before they start. What I do want… Continue reading The importance of conflict

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Requesting For A Beta

I have been a recent beta, but as luck will have it I saw some very interesting things happen during the time. And here are some of them. #1 Posts are meant to be read Although it becomes easier for me to narrow down requests if I ignore those who simply don't bother looking through… Continue reading Requesting For A Beta

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The Young Elites: On Hindsight

This is me after spending two years reading plenty of other books aside from The Young Elites, and well I do think that I have managed to think about it on a more serious note. My feelings about the series has mellowed out, it isn't a masterpiece, but pretty good by all means. I did… Continue reading The Young Elites: On Hindsight

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How Important Is Execution?

In recent months, reading changed from how interesting and fresh the characters and story is to how brilliant the execution is. And I wonder what made the switch to this. Other than the truth that nothing is new under the sun. It's all about how you do it that is. And that brings me to… Continue reading How Important Is Execution?

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What Makes The 7 1/2 Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle Stand Out?

I say this because this was one of the most surprising but also one of the most groundbreaking books I have read this year. This isn't just a story, it is a mystery, a puzzle beginning from the setting to even the smallest details. The main character changes a character every day, and he only… Continue reading What Makes The 7 1/2 Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle Stand Out?

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Why do I read?

Today I'm going to delve into what makes me a reader, what made me enjoy what I did. And what will change my tastes. And how it has evolved over time. As a preteen, I was a voracious epic fantasy reader. I started with The Mortal Instruments, collecting all the volumes along with The Infernal… Continue reading Why do I read?

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What Makes Forest Of A Thousand Lanterns Fresh?

And here I am on a book that totally surprised me this year, climbing its way to being one of the things that I prize. Why? It wasn't in the premise, the characters or the plot. The plot followed a fairy tale retelling of snow white except in the eyes of the evil queen. The… Continue reading What Makes Forest Of A Thousand Lanterns Fresh?

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What is wrong with Throne Of Glass?

As of recently, I have all but steered clear of any work from Sarah J Maas, mostly because of how disappointing it has been for me as a reader. Here is why I believe it stopped clicking with me after the third book, with me disliking Queen of Shadows, dropping Empire of Storms and steering… Continue reading What is wrong with Throne Of Glass?

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Why I won’t read Harry Potter?

I have never began Harry Potter, and really now as a teenager, and in a couple more years, an adult I just don't see the need anymore for me to read Harry Potter. And here are some of my reasons as to why it is. #1 I just never found it enticing enough I admit… Continue reading Why I won’t read Harry Potter?

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Should We Appeal To The Market or To Ourselves?

My answer is always to ourselves. Write what you want, write how you see the world. There is no one who can say whether your world is unrealistic, unless of course the people do not really face any consequences from their actions, nor any effects come from it. And well, I dislike those who appeal… Continue reading Should We Appeal To The Market or To Ourselves?