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Vita Nostra

If anything, this was a bizarrely delectable journey. It's a school about magic, but it's nothing like Harry Potter. The students have no idea what they're studying or even the reason why. Some of them don't even want to be there and were forced into it. There were no answers given, but even then it… Continue reading Vita Nostra

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Fierce Like A Firestorm

This was okay. Albeit the sequel wasn't even as exciting as the first book. But it was readable. One of the things that this book suffered was a plot so weak, and so little about saving Iris. I did like that there were answers given as to where was Iris and the back story regarding… Continue reading Fierce Like A Firestorm

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The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

I was really disappointed. For a story that had such a good premise and idea it didn't know where it wanted to go and take the story. The idea of coldtowns as well as vampires were melded in a way that I was genuinely fascinated by them. And how they worked. And how they will… Continue reading The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

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The Raven Boys

If there is anything that I say about it, it will be that this was disappointing. I wasn't absorbed into Blue's story, not at all. Most of the time I was wondering what was going on, and what was the point of all these scenes in the first place. I didn't seem to grasp why… Continue reading The Raven Boys

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Something that I found to be rather different from the norm. About a girl who could die anytime and was so different. About her best friend who goes on to suspect and seek her. This was taking some rather common things and gave it a whole new spin. Although it doesn't do so masterfully, but… Continue reading Magonia

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The Hazel Wood

I just didn't understand the story at all. It took way too long, for anything to happen. And none of the characters were even remotely interesting. Alice has nothing that really makes me interested in her. She is boring, and she lacks a lot of agency. She doesn't do anything which will catch my eye,… Continue reading The Hazel Wood

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The Cruel Prince

This was one big surprise and met all the expectations I had on the book. Not to mention worth every cent that I spent on it. If you think this is another book about fairies, you're wrong. Dead wrong. This is all about intrigue, the political plays. There isn't even that much magic here that… Continue reading The Cruel Prince

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The Rules Of Magic

It just didn't make sense after a certain point. It failed to make me invested when it really could have. It was pretty disappointing if you ask me. Seeing as how the entire setting is a family with magic and a curse. Which should have drawn me in. And hooked me. But it never did,… Continue reading The Rules Of Magic

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The Girl Who Saved Ghosts

Perhaps if it had been just that bit more gritty, I will have liked it. The concept was nice and caught my eye. It was very easy to like the main character, and I believed her on many levels. I really cared about her relationship with her mother, which was rather interestingly more complex than… Continue reading The Girl Who Saved Ghosts

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Something Evil Comes

Although at times I was enthralled and interested in the story, but many times it just became rather monotonous. I do like the idea and the writing which was able to draw me in quite well. But the story just fell flat and the characters were difficult to understand. I didn't care about any of… Continue reading Something Evil Comes

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The Other Alice

Well, this was quite a disappointment. Although I liked that the main character was solely focused on finding her sister and neither did it include some funny romance that will have never made sense. As for the whole context of stories, I do think that it is really well explored if you were to ask… Continue reading The Other Alice

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I feel rather mixed about this book. On one hand it did probe to be a fun ride for most of it, but eventually it just became what I read so often in paranormal all over. Although I do like how Lainey handled it, that she was wanting answers and demanded them instead of just… Continue reading Keeper

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The New Voices Of Fantasy

Since again, I am reviewing anthology, I will be listing each storyindividually and evaluating them. Apparently, I realise that fantasy probably has not been Actually, this I believe was the best and most well explored. About a fairytale in the school and how it will take many people who vanish without a trace. And the… Continue reading The New Voices Of Fantasy

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Wicked Like A Wildfire

I just found myself rather liking, for the writing and the way it did handle magic. Which to my ideal was a lot more new than any other. Although a tad vague. However, the main issue of the story is that it takes forever for it to move the plot forward. Up until halfway, the… Continue reading Wicked Like A Wildfire

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Well, although I thought that this premise will be okay but I was just so bored from reading it and that really it could have done it so much better. Nadia, she was okay at first. Then eventually, it just became impossible to continue reading and I went to skim. It seemed that there was… Continue reading Spellcaster

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The November Girl

  Something about this book didn't work with me. Although the focus of this is mostly Anda coming to terms with the fact that she is the November girl, leading to most of it being just pushing Anda. Also, do I mention that this is narrated by two characters. And Hector, feels like an extra… Continue reading The November Girl

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The Becoming Of Ellicia Wayfield

This is simply a case of it not being to my expectations. I expected it to be a much funnier then what I got. I guess urban fantasy and paranormal only works for me when it simply is much funnier than it seems. And well, this just doesn't cut it. Ellicia, she has very little… Continue reading The Becoming Of Ellicia Wayfield

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Lord Of Shadows

Well this was one completely different ride from what I thought. And one that I had enjoyed far more than any other book in this world, really this was by far the best. The stakes here are indeed higher, and it deals with the mess of the previous story as we all know it. Of… Continue reading Lord Of Shadows

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Vassa In The Night

Something about this book clicked with me, took me on a wild ride and did make my mind go all the way in trying to make sense of what was happening. And well, I did like the Russian folklores even if I have almost no idea of what any of them tell. But definitely, loved… Continue reading Vassa In The Night

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The Ninth Circle

Well, if you want to read this book refer to the last pages where the glossary is. Otherwise, you will be like me, asking constant questions, what are the ten circles, what are the difference creatures? Wait, what since when is there a new creature? Well, the author provided a very extensive glossary, but didn't… Continue reading The Ninth Circle