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The Corset

This was something that would linger in my mind. And the moment I started to read, it simply refused to let me go. I finished the book in one sitting. It is a book about murder, tales and most importantly it is a book about society. How in one end it is so perfect, where… Continue reading The Corset

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The Way Of All Flesh

This had not been something that I liked. It did really catch me but I felt that the rare moments where it was entertaining. But the plot was not well developed. The characters were sometimes really intriguing but other times just reverted back to chasing the plot where ever it needed to go. It was… Continue reading The Way Of All Flesh

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Anna Dressed In Blood

It wasn't exactly what I expected, but for once it is pretty good in how it delivers something different and not make me feel disappointed to say the least. It is about Cas who is a ghost hunter looking for Anna, who died in a good dress as much as it became her defining identity.… Continue reading Anna Dressed In Blood

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The Poppy War

If anything, this is not for the kind hearted. It is reading about war, and what drives people to commit atrocities. How much are you willing to do to commit them. It begins from a girl who escapes. It is a struggle for her to survive, that she chose to take the test km holes… Continue reading The Poppy War

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Playing By Fire

For such a story, I was more interested in the war parts. Which I agree as well. Lorenzo's story was more important than Julia's at any point. Because of how it had affected later on. I liked the dark legacy of Inciendo and who it meant. But I didn't like mostly everything else. It doesn't… Continue reading Playing By Fire

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The Angel Makers

This was not nearly as interesting as The Sixth Victim. The Sixth Victim had a lot of connection to Constance, and Emily as well. Linking them together. This felt a lot less so, with the link not as strong, Emily not having too much of a reason to follow through with this. Or the fact… Continue reading The Angel Makers

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Well, it was disappointing in a different way. It was enticing, and entranced me into the story. The clairvoyant connecting with spirits were so well done, clear and lucid. They are people even if they lack bodies, but they still have a soul which exists. And it does play a role here. It was just… Continue reading Brimstone

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The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

It wasn't anything that was groundbreaking or new. But it was satisfying, it told a story and made itself to be entertaining. Which is more than enough to keep me hooked. Delia is the main character and she goes through quite a lot. I prefer not to say, since the entire reason why I began… Continue reading The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

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The Sixth Victim

This was one book which managed to write the ever iconical Jack the Ripper story in another version. The version where it seems that there will be multiple killers which always exist. This really isn't for the light hearted. As it deals a lot with spiritual moments, the situation that women faced in these times.… Continue reading The Sixth Victim

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I found this beautifully crafted to create a haunting ghost story which I will remember for ages to come. That is likely to happen, when I remember the story.  Such as about Mary, who is bullied to a severe degree and her uniqueness. Which draws the wrong kind of attention, like it should in those… Continue reading Thornhill 

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The Stories Of Edgar Allen Poe

This was rather entertaining. If it wasn't as disjointed as it was. I was hoping for some continuity, but since the author of these poems rarely use the same setting so it feels a little disjointed. But the tales narrated here are quite well done, with the art style truly elaborating all of it. And… Continue reading The Stories Of Edgar Allen Poe

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Deadlands: Boneyard

Now this was the book that I consider a really interesting read. Since it is about a mother who is protecting her own daughters, and eventually when her own past also catches up with her. I just love Annie, I know that Annie is a really fantastic even great mother. She is someone who has… Continue reading Deadlands: Boneyard

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Flash A Death

The most interesting part about this story was the beginning. It was where it really intrigued me. And I thought that this was horror. But I feel it is learning more to science fiction. Afterwards, it didn't really go anywhere once the main character left the room and even worse when Issac was introduced. The… Continue reading Flash A Death