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The Romanov Empress

This was a story of a woman who tried her best to save the monarchy of Russia. Even if it will not be successful. If anything, she was a brave woman. Beginning from the time she was a princess, and slowly to becoming a Russian Dowager Empress. The change as she grows is astounding, wise… Continue reading The Romanov Empress

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Mademoiselle Chanel

If anything, this was the story which was different. Although it was not to the exact idea I had for a long time. Chanel was a woman whom captured my interest. A woman who never married and worked her way to her own fortune. It was one of the most inspiring works, but I feel… Continue reading Mademoiselle Chanel

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The Map Of Salt And Stars

This is a work which I enjoyed as much as I was baffled by how certain things went. At the same time I liked the atmosphere and the setting. But the story is split into two, one about Rawiya and her travels. The things that made her life, when she made her way to Sicily… Continue reading The Map Of Salt And Stars

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The Vatican Princess

This was one of the most difficult emotional journeys I have read. For a girl like Lucrezia to know that those closest to her are the very ones she could not trust. That they used her to their own gain, and left her to reap the consequences. That they thought her an object, a pawn… Continue reading The Vatican Princess

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In all ways, this is a slow piece of work. With Circe as the centre of it all, the one who is not only flawed, but also condemned. It is a slow piece of work. Taking time to build Circe, and time passes very very fast. For a girl that has been outcasted, she wears… Continue reading Circe

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Godwine Kingmaker

This was far more than what I anticipated or even felt about it. A time where I was unfamiliar, but instead of a king it was through the eyes of an earl. A very powerful one who controlled much of the power at the time. This was his story, as his rise and eventual fall.… Continue reading Godwine Kingmaker

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Something about this did get to me. The story about Elsbeth and her life, her beliefs was intriguing. However I didn't think that the author really delved deep enough for me to truly care. The relationship between Ian and Elsbeth, which I truly think was developed well enough. I cared for their feelings, their separation… Continue reading Deception

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Well, although I was greatly entertained by this novel and the slow reasons behind it. Such as the life of Hild who is rarely mentioned and can be left up to debate. And she was someone which I did like on many levels, but never really understood. Hild feels too saintly and not human enough… Continue reading Hild

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Blood And Destiny

This was strangely entertaining. I greatly cared for all the characters here. And there were many moments where I felt something for the characters, and their predicaments. I liked Matthew, he was relatable and understandable. The writing was old without ever being too difficult to even read, or taking a lot to comprehend. And the… Continue reading Blood And Destiny

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And this is where I say I don't even know why this exists. The story is all over the place and well, nothing is interesting at all. I want to know more about Arthur or whatever the Arthur in this book is supposed to be. All they talked about was about Saxons, but not doing… Continue reading Pendragon