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For a book which breaks the fourth wall it has no idea how to really do it well and give more depth to their character. Even when the author is inside the book, it was incredibly difficult to understand what was the point of the story and where it was trying to go. For most… Continue reading Literally

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The Weight Of Feathers

This just didn't catch me at the very least. The story felt as though it had no weight even as the title suggested that. The characters were just really really empty. The writing was incredibly nice even if all else seemed to have headed nowhere. The plot could have been better to be more prominent… Continue reading The Weight Of Feathers

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I just couldn't wrap my head around anything that is happening in this story. I did like Marya in how she handled many many things. And the story always seemed to know where it was going, a cautionary tale which warned Marya at the beginning. And when she betrays it something happens, that changes her… Continue reading Deathless

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If anything, this was a book that I could not put down. For a series that begin with me not really liking it, this took it to a whole new level. Perhaps it was the shift in main character. Donatella was always more interesting than Scarlett ever was. As well as the fact that she… Continue reading Legendary

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Beasts Of Extraordinary Circumstance

And well, I was a little surprised at how the story was. And at the same time quite bored with it. It is about a man who was raised by wolves, at the various stages of his life. With various people. And they are the ones who are narrating him, which makes him this mysterious… Continue reading Beasts Of Extraordinary Circumstance

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All The Crooked Saints

I just didn't get it. Although I know magical realism will have a sense of mystery, and the magic will not be prominent at all. But nothing actually made sense here. About any of the miracles, and I don't get to see even one in action. To be able to get a feel. There is… Continue reading All The Crooked Saints

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The Hazel Wood

I just didn't understand the story at all. It took way too long, for anything to happen. And none of the characters were even remotely interesting. Alice has nothing that really makes me interested in her. She is boring, and she lacks a lot of agency. She doesn't do anything which will catch my eye,… Continue reading The Hazel Wood

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The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

If there was anything that really screwed with my mind, in a way that I barely knew what was going on, yet I still savoured every word, this is it. It is told from seven different perspectives, but not once did I find it boring, each one holds an important key, and really twists it… Continue reading The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

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The Strange And Beautiful Sorrows Of Ava Lavender

Well, the first thing I did when I picked up this book was to be entirely captivated by the writing, and eventually, fascinated by the characters. Although this has a large cast of characters, each with a beautifully whimsical name. And with a character that is quite strange but all too endearing at the same… Continue reading The Strange And Beautiful Sorrows Of Ava Lavender

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Vassa In The Night

Something about this book clicked with me, took me on a wild ride and did make my mind go all the way in trying to make sense of what was happening. And well, I did like the Russian folklores even if I have almost no idea of what any of them tell. But definitely, loved… Continue reading Vassa In The Night

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Karina’s Silver Shoes

I originally really liked this work at least before it became one heck of a mess. The beginning was the strongest part was where Karina will pick up the silver shoes. But after that, I don't even know what is happening. There is no certain clarity in this novel, and I know that magical realism… Continue reading Karina’s Silver Shoes

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When I Cast Your Shadow

I have really got used to her writing and style, and that this was slightly easier to read than Vassa In The Night. Once again, this tale is like her previous. Bizarre and filled with weird events, with a hint of paranormal but no clear explanation on how the dead can be brought back to… Continue reading When I Cast Your Shadow

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This was a surprise of a book. Once I picked this up, strangely Rune became a very interesting character to read through. Since her gift is also her crutch at the same time, the only reason why she was accepted with a deeper meaning revealed towards the end. And the explanation regarding her entire background,… Continue reading RoseBlood

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The House Of The Spirits 

It does live up to expectations of a saga. As this story slowly unravels and balances the first person narration and mostly third person narration so incredibly well. The main narrator of the entire story is Esteban, who at times disgust me of the way he thought that Clara was his. And that she should… Continue reading The House Of The Spirits