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Storytelling VS Writing

I have a belief that these two are separate in the first place. Storytelling is all about the elements of the story, writing is how you use the medium to express it. Some people are a swordsmith others are masters at telling the story. And a writer, sometimes they are stronger in one than the… Continue reading Storytelling VS Writing

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Should Writers Major In Other Disciplines?

My answer is yes. They should, they should make an effort to learn about anything that they exhibit an interest in. Mostly because of the fact that if you're going to just study writing, you're going to run out of ideas pretty soon. And the fact that for me, I just have plenty of other… Continue reading Should Writers Major In Other Disciplines?

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Having A Writing Style

Have you realised that after a while, you tend to have a certain style and touch. For me, I have came to realise that. My stories have a very strong feel of mystery in them, often paired with fantasy. Sometimes, I add in intrigue, other times it can be other things. But a mysterious and… Continue reading Having A Writing Style

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The Advice Of Starting Small

I'm not a fan of that advice. Not at all. I think that all writers should write what they want, and an amateur should not be made to feel bad about their lofty ambitions. Because that is what makes us unique as writers. The work that we dream up, no matter how big it seems… Continue reading The Advice Of Starting Small

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Writing A Long Series

Anyway, since I mostly write insanely long series, and the fact that I don't really get tired from them, I decided to write a blog post about them. And mostly my tips to not feel overwhelmed by writing long series. #1 Plan I don't mean planning the entire story out, but it is a very… Continue reading Writing A Long Series

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Writing What You Enjoy

To me this is important. Very important as all of us tend to be guilty of the fact that we try to fit into the industry, and well after so much failed attempts or thinking that I just did not do a good job in truly writing my stories in the way I intended it… Continue reading Writing What You Enjoy

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Should We Appeal To The Market or To Ourselves?

My answer is always to ourselves. Write what you want, write how you see the world. There is no one who can say whether your world is unrealistic, unless of course the people do not really face any consequences from their actions, nor any effects come from it. And well, I dislike those who appeal… Continue reading Should We Appeal To The Market or To Ourselves?

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How Important Is Humor?

There are many series which I fell in love with just because of the jokes and the setting. Sometimes, when I simply want a break from all the seriousness I pick up something funny. Which I can simply laugh together with. And they often remain my most memorable books. To the degree that I'm also… Continue reading How Important Is Humor?

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What Do I Always End Up Writing?

It is one of the few things which I never understand about myself is that most of my works will have sequels before I say goodbye to them. And some of them are very very long, and turn themselves into sagas. And I have tried many many times to think of it as a single… Continue reading What Do I Always End Up Writing?

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Fanfiction: What Do I think of it?

It is a large debacle if you were to ask me about fanfiction. Some are bad, but some are well thought out, full of depth and takes a whole new spin on the original work. And at the same time, giving the vibe that most will see. So, I say that it is a place… Continue reading Fanfiction: What Do I think of it?

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For me, I realised that I have been rewriting a lot of works or looking into everything, again. Only one of them is complete, the other is quite closely so. But by that point, I figured out where I should go next. Although right now I'm a little less certain whether I will not just… Continue reading Indecision

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I have reached another milestone of running a blog. Well, this time around, same thing again. Thank you to all those who have supported me. And those who have helped me. And now to the questions: What did you enjoy about my posts? Whether is it book reviews, reviews of manga or anime, or writing… Continue reading 200 followers

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What defines a good writer?

I believe the answer is nothing. Except the burning passion to write and continue to write no matter what. And that we constantly seek to improve yourselves as writing can never be a craft which someone is perfect at. Mastering it is in due time, but perfection is impossible. #1 All Of Us Have Different… Continue reading What defines a good writer?

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The Benefits Of Writing At Your Own Pace

I am a writer who does everything at my pace. I haven't taken part in Nanowrimo, and nor will I think it is necessary to do so. By doing everything at my own pace, there are some benefits which I have found out too. #1 A Better First Draft If I write it all at… Continue reading The Benefits Of Writing At Your Own Pace

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Making Characters Realistic

Realistic characters are really difficult to create, and really difficult to handle. Even if they lack the sort of heroism that most protagonists have, but when they are done well I like them a lot more than before.  Why?  Because it means that they aren't immune, they also have an awareness about them. It makes… Continue reading Making Characters Realistic

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What Inspires My writing?

Inspiration is what inspires us to write. Without it, we all wouldn't have picked up writing in the first place. It all comes down to this one thing: that crazy story idea which we cannot stop thinking about before pushing us to write.  A lot of things inspire my writing, but I will list them… Continue reading What Inspires My writing?

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What Makes A Fantastic Antagonist?

To me, a villain can make a book as much it can break it. A horrible villain is one whose motivations are nil, or are just plain horrible. Or if it passes the logic test, simply doesn't have any reason to why he would pursue it.  My favourite kind of villain are those who simply… Continue reading What Makes A Fantastic Antagonist?

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How to break rules well

To me, there are no hard and fast rules about writing well. It all comes down to the fact on how you break those rules. And how you make it work into the novel.  I have a personal belief that all writing rules are meant to be broken, and they are merely guidelines for us… Continue reading How to break rules well

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I really got surprised that I managed to reach this amount of followers so soon, never really expected it to grow so much. Thanks to you all for following me. Apart from that, it is already over a year since the blog was set up(nine months till it reaches its second anniversary).  Although I am… Continue reading 100 Followers¬†