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Heart Of Thorns

If this was a book which wanted to be both dark and full of classic YA. It failed. Mia has absolutely zero reasons to be here. For lack of better word. She is one of the most uninteresting characters. What does she do? Absolutely nothing. Does she gain any sort of agency? Barely. And what… Continue reading Heart Of Thorns

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The Masterpiece

By all means this was far better than her previous. Set in the late roaring twenties and the early depression and the 1970s, this was a book which talked a lot about art. But mostly about what it is like to be a woman during that time. Clara is the shining example of the story.… Continue reading The Masterpiece

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This was a disappointing book. The previous had managed to catch my attention because of the back and forth with the Goblin King. Here it is about Vienna and the story loses all its charm as well the idea of where it really wants to head in the first place. The story loses all its… Continue reading Shadowsong

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For most of the time I was reading, nothing really kept my attention. Or even tried to keep it. The story is about a girl who ends up becoming some apprentice to a dragon. And has a friend who is corrupted or something. And when the dragon helps her, a prince comes to check if… Continue reading Uprooted

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Royal Bastards

This was not perfect. But it was something that I rather liked as well. Far from perfect at any point in time and a lot that needs to be improved on. The story was simple, and rather okay if you wanted something easy, fun and simple. Tilla was not annoying, neither was she difficult to… Continue reading Royal Bastards

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The Cruel Prince

This was one big surprise and met all the expectations I had on the book. Not to mention worth every cent that I spent on it. If you think this is another book about fairies, you're wrong. Dead wrong. This is all about intrigue, the political plays. There isn't even that much magic here that… Continue reading The Cruel Prince

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The Lion In The South

Maybe from now on, I should avoid historical fiction set in America's civil war period, they have been really disappointing lately. And this largely didn't even get to me. I was very very much bored, Julia was bland and she lacked any reason why the plot existed around her. And for most of the book,… Continue reading The Lion In The South

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An Enchantment Of Ravens

This proved to be surprising and rather different from what I have read. To a certain extent, this didn't move me but it still kept a lot of my attention. Which is difficult as you all know. I didn't really care for Isobel and her predicament, it was for lack of better word not well… Continue reading An Enchantment Of Ravens

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The Girl In The Glass Box

I find this whole idea of a retelling to be much more refreshing. Although not my true favorite, but I liked the whole idea that both characters aren't the most perfect. And Agrippine really got to me, she was used mercilessly by her own father. Who had simply used her to form an alliance and… Continue reading The Girl In The Glass Box

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A Hope Divided

This was okay. It is just that I am rarely into historical romances, and well this managed to make me read through the story without ever skimming. A little rare. But most importantly, was that their relationship was slow. There were moments where it was held back, but I get it. Or moments where nothing… Continue reading A Hope Divided

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Wicked Charm

Well it will have been better if it wasn't for the fact that everything was predictable. I saw everything a mile away. Like really far away. And then romance was predictable, although having a murder mystery added in did add some tension. But Willow becomes a target just because she is in love with Beau… Continue reading Wicked Charm

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One Dark Throne

Again, I gave up comepletely that this will be worth my time. And like its predecessor, it fails to inspire me in any way possible. The deadlock is there, just a three way deadlock with none of the Queens even remotely interested in getting the throne. I don't get vicious backstabbing, double crossing or what… Continue reading One Dark Throne

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Well, at first this did get to me. But towards the end, it became less of an epic fantasy and more of a romance. Which still doesn't make much sense when it is more portal fantasy, but never explains why is it only the human world and Asper.  Milla is alright, she has motivations, she… Continue reading Asper 

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Fierce Reads: Kisses And Curses

As for this anthology, I also don't feel like touching individual stories. And that most of them are rather consistent with the theme of it all. Glitches was memorable as it allowed me to see where Cinder really came from. And what took her to get there. The same also do Bridge of Snow, since… Continue reading Fierce Reads: Kisses And Curses

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A Matter Of Circumstance

And well, this book was also the same to me. It just wasn't what I wanted at the end of the day. Perhaps when I want romance, I want something else to complete here. I like it when it has some other theme that the romance wasn't for the sake of romance. To me, this… Continue reading A Matter Of Circumstance

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Song Of The Current

This just was a huge surprise. Yes, this was a book which was.a joy to read and indeed was satisfying and fun. It has a romance but it is not the kind which I want to bang my head against, but rather the kind which I like. The relationship was a slow one, slow but… Continue reading Song Of The Current

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A Thousand Pieces Of You

This was a really surprising book, since it's the first one which deals with alternate dimensions and travelling through them. Which was a unique concept to take and also quite messed up to handle. Marguerite changes due to the fact that she is travelling through each dimension when one small change causes a huge ripple.… Continue reading A Thousand Pieces Of You

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In The Shadow Of Blackbirds

I really enjoyed this novel. Even when the entire story started from a death, and although it still ended in the same way. But I loved Mary Shelley. She was such an original character, and most importantly I always found her really relatable and even realistic. And that she has seen so much, and despite… Continue reading In The Shadow Of Blackbirds

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A Crown Of Wishes

This was better than the previous book. Although I neither liked Gauri or Vikram particularly but at least there wasn't the case in the first book. That was unique in a way that it could not be more hilarious in the wrong way. And this was different in its own way, and well the motivations… Continue reading A Crown Of Wishes

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Impossible Saints

I really never felt so much agony for the main couple ever at all. It is different from my expectations and even what I expected it will go into. This is a tale of romance that stretches, that will make you feel sad and hope for something. That their seperations are because of their ideology… Continue reading Impossible Saints