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Ten Thousand Skies Above You

By all means, this explored the different aspects of alternate dimension traveling. And I think that it was incredibly thorough, very very thorough. Such as the idea of what happened when people facing danger decides to jump, but it doesn't work. Which also sets up the plot of the book. And also makes things turn… Continue reading Ten Thousand Skies Above You

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Dare Mighty Things

The ending was intriguing, the rest really wasn't. I guess sci-fi regarding the whole idea of competition and having a bunch of teenagers compete in it is just underwhelming for me. Although things are a lot more civil here, there isn't any outright killing. Because the stakes are not nearly as high, even then they… Continue reading Dare Mighty Things

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I just did not get the story at all. There just was something lacking, for over half the book I didn't feel that anything was happening for that matter. Although the world has gone far beyond that, and the future did have some intriguing developments. But I just didn't feel a connection with the main… Continue reading Semiosis

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The Scorpion Rules

This was something that I feel is worth the addition, as it has rather complex thoughts and completely does a different things from most dystopian novels. The world here is as simple as this, it has been taken over by an AI, as long as each president or monarch hand over a child of theirs,… Continue reading The Scorpion Rules

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The Diabolic

This was a strangely very science fiction yet a tale full of intrigue. Spun in such a way that I really enjoyed every page of it. The story is set in the near future, but it is still about endless political struggles between the Emperor and in this case, the study of sciences and maths.… Continue reading The Diabolic

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Well, I was initially interested. But afterwards, I just couldn't find anything which was memorable. And became another book which I lost interest in and eventually just went on to complete through skimming.  The story is about the galaxy, but I didn't feel anything really special about this story. Other than something happened here which… Continue reading Flotsam

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If you were to ask me, this doesn't sound like something I will have enjoyed if it wasn't by Marie Lu. But as you all know, I totally fell in love with her work. And this still works even if it isn't what I will usually read. I flew through this book, in a way… Continue reading Warcross

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This just worked. Even when it was time travel and alternate universes all grouped together. This completely worked to create one of the most interesting books anyone laid eyes on. I am even more blown away by the author who managed to create such a story combining everything. But such a satisfying tale as it… Continue reading Invictus

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This was a rather different book from what I intended it to be. I was expecting a lot more of the competition although it was intense here as it was. But it just didn't work for me. Having a bunch of teenagers battle each other out for the spots to an alien spaceships sounded cool.… Continue reading Nyxia

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The Automaton 

At times, I was completely confused but nonetheless found the work entertaining and enjoyable. Even when I have no clue as to what is happening.  The writing had a lot of charm, with some strange things happening all around while I have little ideas. But the book succeeded in making me care about the characters… Continue reading The Automaton 

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War of the World Makers

DNF @50% I just couldn't understand where this was coming from. I did want a story that was more focused, and less confusing. I didn't get any of that at all. And it just happened to be a strange mix, somehow there was a Tsarina alive in those times, in 2033, some weird bizarre things… Continue reading War of the World Makers

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The Link 

DNF @56% I really tried to get into this, as in really really tried to read further and hoping to find a connection with the characters. But sadly, I just cannot find anything which I enjoyed about the book and it was becoming torturing to just continue.  I don't care for any of the characters… Continue reading The Link 

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A Thousand Pieces Of You

This was a really surprising book, since it's the first one which deals with alternate dimensions and travelling through them. Which was a unique concept to take and also quite messed up to handle. Marguerite changes due to the fact that she is travelling through each dimension when one small change causes a huge ripple.… Continue reading A Thousand Pieces Of You

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Stella Maris

I really tried this work, I just couldn't get into it at all. The writing was not just boring it was really mind numbing. Well, I was hoping for something to happen in this work. Unfortunately, nothing did at all. Although it is at an important time, but neither of the main characters are interesting… Continue reading Stella Maris

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Defy The Stars

You know, sometimes Sci-fi does work for me. Even if it is more the rarity rather than the norm. And this book is that rarity. I mean, the story isn't just about science or anything. It is about violence, has a touch of religion and also about robots having a soul. That is something that… Continue reading Defy The Stars

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The Unity Game

This just wasn't to my expectations. I did expect a writing with a tighter plot than this. And that the beginning just did not grab me while it still could. And that I don't think it really touched much of the philosophical aspect of the writing as it was. I just didn't feel intrigued or… Continue reading The Unity Game

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Gear Girl

I really fell in love with this book somehow. About Eleanor slowly finding out about herself, the way she chose to adjust to her life. For me, I was glad that it wasn't some over the top debate about whether mechanical people were better. Here was where a slow story happened, about acceptance, how lives… Continue reading Gear Girl

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Blood Memory Society

The one thing I do really like is how it blends science and explains it in a way that I can understand. If it was solely about fertility and all the dry science, I would have slept. But most of the explanations are understandable, simple and easy to digest in a way. That is the… Continue reading Blood Memory Society

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Empress Of A Thousand Skies

This was a pretty okay book. It doesn't hold too much of intrigue, and deals quite a bit with the possibility of losing freedom towards the end and the whole idea of having Cubes, which stores almost everything about a person. It is like their identity. That was pretty unique, furthermore the twist was something… Continue reading Empress Of A Thousand Skies

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This was quite a joy to read. It does definitely feel like a tale of Alice In Wonderland with plenty of spins and being carefully plotted, enough that it uses the old Wonderland but it's different. Darker even. And well, at least Alyssa is sensible enough to know what she is doing. Why she gets… Continue reading Splintered