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Fullmetal Alchemist

This was something that refused to let me go even months after I completed the story. The story opened a whole new perspective to the way I did things. In all essence, this was one of the best stories I had the chance to encounter. The story's biggest strength is the balance, the well rounded… Continue reading Fullmetal Alchemist

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The Promised Neverland

Contrary to what many thought I never really got into the series. It got good then it didn't. And after a while I just didn't care about the series enough. It had a unique premise, I'll give it that but it also brought a lot of problems too. At times it just dragged. The story… Continue reading The Promised Neverland

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Mob Psycho 100

If anything, this was rather clever and fun at how it managed to include most of the tropes and then differ from them that makes the characters memorable and at the same time familiar. This managed to set a story in a middle and yet doesn't feel that it is incredibly childish or formulaic with… Continue reading Mob Psycho 100

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This is one of the strangest anime I have had the luck of seeing. Mostly because I did not really see any gambling anime. Even as it is far from perfect. The story has the weakest links in trying to make the characters actually seem relatable instead of right out of the asylums. Apart from… Continue reading Kakegurui

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Akame Ga Kill

If anything, I did like the series. Even if there are really really unavoidable holes that I see in the show. It is a work which functions well as a guilty pleasure and entertaining. But on deeper thought, I realise that there is a lot of things lacking. The show could have done better without… Continue reading Akame Ga Kill

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What makes Kuroshitsuji enticing?

Although many say that it is a series which has lost its focus with recent arcs, which I won't rebuke because it is the truth. The story didn't develop nearly as much after the Campaigna, especially in the blue sect arc. But I'm here to talk about just what made Black Butler so incredibly addictive,… Continue reading What makes Kuroshitsuji enticing?

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Vanitas No Carte

I enjoyed the manga. Immensely, the creative world of Vanitas no Carte and take on vampires, the mystery which reminds me of Pandora Hearts and keeps me continuously attached to the series. But all the while being quite different. The humor is rather unlike most that I see in anime, but it is there. It… Continue reading Vanitas No Carte