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I was expecting more when it came to the story. There were moments which really grabbed my attention but those overall had been few and far between. The story jumps around too much and the writing to me had been difficult to understand. It didn't give a good picture and was incredibly unimaginative and difficult… Continue reading Requiem

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Vanitas No Carte

I enjoyed the manga. Immensely, the creative world of Vanitas no Carte and take on vampires, the mystery which reminds me of Pandora Hearts and keeps me continuously attached to the series. But all the while being quite different. The humor is rather unlike most that I see in anime, but it is there. It… Continue reading Vanitas No Carte

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The Queen Of All Crows

I found this quite enjoyable to a degree. Such as the way that the relationship between Elizabeth and Julia is the one which is the most important. And the secrets behind their choices. But something really lacked, such as the fact that almost no answers were even provided. Even till the end, as to why… Continue reading The Queen Of All Crows

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The Glass Spare

Something about this just worked with me. Completely. And well, Steampunk just really works with me. Stories centered around kingdoms with their monarchs more than ready to use their children interest me. And this is just why it somehow worked. And well, Wilhelmina is the main character. For once I liked her(although there is only… Continue reading The Glass Spare

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DNF I gave up on this book. There is nothing else to say about it. In my mind, Stormdancer was still decent although Nevernight was a mess for lack of better word. I just didn't care about any of the characters at all. I found Buruu to be more annoying than anything else for that… Continue reading Kinslayer

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This Monstrous Thing

A really satisfying read if you ask me, the way that it handles Frankenstein, blends everything together nicely. And also include the real author of Frankenstein in an interesting tale. Set in a world of automatons, and definitely include a real life Frankenstein, Alasdair reviving his own brother and having a bigger secret to hide… Continue reading This Monstrous Thing

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Gear Girl

I really fell in love with this book somehow. About Eleanor slowly finding out about herself, the way she chose to adjust to her life. For me, I was glad that it wasn't some over the top debate about whether mechanical people were better. Here was where a slow story happened, about acceptance, how lives… Continue reading Gear Girl

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The Clockwork Dynasty

Originally, the work came as quite difficult to really ease myself into. And it didn't really change throughout the novel despite the excellent writing, I just didn't feel that spark with the characters at all. Not a single one really clicked with me. But the worldbuilding is intriguing with a lot of nods to mythological… Continue reading The Clockwork Dynasty

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The Clockwork ScarabĀ 

This was rather okay. Though, sometimes the writing put me off in some ways. Like really put me off. The plot was decent, and well the characters quite flat. But I did like the mystery, and the possibility of having time travel together and steampunk.  But it just seems a little messy in my mind.… Continue reading The Clockwork ScarabĀ