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The Magdeburg Relic

I just didn't feel as though this was written for me. Initially, the beginning was intriguing as well as fascinating. It was written in such a way which really made me curious. But I just didn't care. The characters fell flat to me, with very little depth which I enjoyed or even saw among the… Continue reading The Magdeburg Relic

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Kuroshitsuji 124

I think plot moment is finally here. Even though the previous chapter already revealed the whole scheme of things, and why Ciel started the boy bands. It wasn't solely for competition but for the sole purpose of having Sphere Hall slip up.   And about the blood theory, I don't think it has anything regarding… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 124

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Kuroshitsuji 123 

What I have seen this chapter was quite interesting indeed, since the stars finally talk. Which brings me to this, do I think now that Undertaker had a huge involvement in this? Maybe. It goes either way now.  Because it the stars definitely seem to be completely able to have personal thoughts, and are not… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 123 

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Bleach 670

Okay, I'll admit it now, I'm a full bleach girl. I enjoy the series and some characters that many of the fandom hates. Kenpachi here attacks once more, and that he just looks so demonic. Well, Gerard being sliced in half can still survive, well it would make sense. He is the miracle who gets… Continue reading Bleach 670