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The Flames of Florence

It wasn't what I thought. I thought that it might be a story about Leonardo da Vinci. And about Renaissance Italy which had been something that I am fascinated by for quite a while. Nothing like it occurs here. I didn't like the way it never seemed to know what it really wants at the… Continue reading The Flames of Florence

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Playing By Fire

For such a story, I was more interested in the war parts. Which I agree as well. Lorenzo's story was more important than Julia's at any point. Because of how it had affected later on. I liked the dark legacy of Inciendo and who it meant. But I didn't like mostly everything else. It doesn't… Continue reading Playing By Fire

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Smoke In The Sun

For a series pitched as feminist, it surprisingly isn't. It also fails to be a Japanese historical fantasy. In many many ways as well. Most of the Shoguns sometimes didn't have power, same about the Emperor. If this actually tried to explore the situation as it was, which will have been fun to read. But… Continue reading Smoke In The Sun

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Personality and Me

Recently, I took a personality test. I got an ENTP-A. Honestly, I thought that it was one of the most accurate even if I wasn't a complete fit. But for most part, it explained why I behave the way I do. This has never been clearer as to what kind of person I truly am.… Continue reading Personality and Me

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What is wrong with Throne Of Glass?

As of recently, I have all but steered clear of any work from Sarah J Maas, mostly because of how disappointing it has been for me as a reader. Here is why I believe it stopped clicking with me after the third book, with me disliking Queen of Shadows, dropping Empire of Storms and steering… Continue reading What is wrong with Throne Of Glass?

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Should Writers Major In Other Disciplines?

My answer is yes. They should, they should make an effort to learn about anything that they exhibit an interest in. Mostly because of the fact that if you're going to just study writing, you're going to run out of ideas pretty soon. And the fact that for me, I just have plenty of other… Continue reading Should Writers Major In Other Disciplines?

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Having A Writing Style

Have you realised that after a while, you tend to have a certain style and touch. For me, I have came to realise that. My stories have a very strong feel of mystery in them, often paired with fantasy. Sometimes, I add in intrigue, other times it can be other things. But a mysterious and… Continue reading Having A Writing Style

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The Optickal Illusion

This was a book which kept my attention, most of the time. About a scandal which happened in the late eighteenth century, and was so much more than that. It began from a girl's dream, a girl's need, and finally a tribute to a person that was dear in her life. The story is all… Continue reading The Optickal Illusion

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The Darkling Bride

This was satisfying, being spellbound to read this and eventually moving into some really interesting stuff. I was the most fascinated with The Darkling Bride in reality. About her tale and how she became a part of the myths spreaded through the lines. But grounding it in reason was still beautiful and perfectly reasonable at… Continue reading The Darkling Bride

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Defy The Worlds

In this case, I did want to see Noemi being much more challenged than she was. Although the ending ended in a way that I didn't except it to at the very least.Abel, on the other hand is a little too robotic for my liking right now. Often lacking in certain areas, and sometimes his… Continue reading Defy The Worlds

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These Vengeful Souls

Well, overall I did think that it was a solid final book. Although there was a whole lot less of enjoyment here. I meant it. The story behind with Evelyn and against Captain Goode. Who is one of the least charmistic villains since he barely makes an appearance, which unfortunately will have at least made… Continue reading These Vengeful Souls

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Children Of Blood And Bone

It was gripping at the start, but seened to have lost that later on in the book. With a middle that is neither interesting nor really hitting the right dots to connect me emotionally. As well as a world that will have made me interested. This just fails to really make me care about the… Continue reading Children Of Blood And Bone

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Zombie Abbey

Well, it will have worked better if I understood any of the characters. But I didn't, and I found all them lacking in characterization. Although I do know that this is a retelling of Downtown Abbey, with zombies. But it was just difficult to have a connection as there was just too little tension, or… Continue reading Zombie Abbey

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How Useful Is Studying To Write?

A question that is on my mind, how useful it is to have to learn how to write in school. I don't because well I found that writing isn't just personal for me, but at the same time it also has been something that I have to explore myself. No one can tell me how… Continue reading How Useful Is Studying To Write?

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Youjo Senki

If there is anything I want to say about this, it is one with the most unique protagonist. It isn't a story about military, it is about capitalism. As the main character simply wants to work her way to the top and then have an easy life. Regardless of the methods she uses to get… Continue reading Youjo Senki

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To Kill A Kingdom

This was okay. I like the whole concept of the story as it is, as well as the execution of the plot and packing. The writing was rather charming and never becomes sloppy at the end of the book. It is decent, with a villain that is hinted and built upon. However, I didn't really… Continue reading To Kill A Kingdom

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Daughter Of The Siren Queen

This was a pretty fun and decent book. Nothing incredibly unique or special at all, but still a simple fun adventure. And instead of about saving the world, it is all about her family. I appreciate that it isn't as serious as it makes itself to be as the next time I hear about a… Continue reading Daughter Of The Siren Queen


Most Anticipated: Bright We Burn

And this month is where I wait impatiently to get the book I so desperately want. The final book in The Conqueror's Saga, which has gotten two 5 stars from me. Straight. As rare as that is. Actually, the only trilogy I have ever given 5 stars for has been Mistborn. And this might just… Continue reading Most Anticipated: Bright We Burn