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November: Slowing Down

I'm slowing down this month because I just can't find anything good to read recently. And school has gotten the better of me, so I'm just slowing down on updates until I figure out what to do. Or maybe a break from books can help things to become fresh again. I will still be doing… Continue reading November: Slowing Down


September: Month of Everything

Since I'm on holiday, I'm mostly going to be doing everything. Although I finished a lot of books during late August, and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. With returning to borrowing library ebooks, which has helped me to reading a lot more than usual. And I'm finishing up the beta reading requests… Continue reading September: Month of Everything

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Slowing Down Updates

Anyway, with me settling down into my new school in April, I will be slowing down my updates. Book reviews will take no more than three books per week, while writing posts will be around twice a month. Since I have finally settled and made my choice in how I will be viewed as a… Continue reading Slowing Down Updates

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Awesome Blogger Award 

This in an award for the absolutely wonderful writers across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add to happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. This is what truly defines an awesome blogger.  Here I am being nominated for my second award.… Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award 

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How to break rules well

To me, there are no hard and fast rules about writing well. It all comes down to the fact on how you break those rules. And how you make it work into the novel.  I have a personal belief that all writing rules are meant to be broken, and they are merely guidelines for us… Continue reading How to break rules well

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Is is okay to work on this manuscripts at the same time?

For me it is always okay. Because if I focus solely on one I would eventually face a burnout. I'm not kidding. Since I would hit a block which I cannot get through or end up just losing interest in that novel.  So for me, I have to work on two to three manuscripts simultaneously… Continue reading Is is okay to work on this manuscripts at the same time?


Mystery Blogger Award

Lonelyboy1977 nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award last saturday It had come off as a surprise to me, really. But thanks for the nomination, and thinking that this blog is worth the award. And thanks to the creator, Okotoenigma who created this award.  Award Rules:  -Put the award logo on your blog  -List the rules  -Thank whoever… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

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I really got surprised that I managed to reach this amount of followers so soon, never really expected it to grow so much. Thanks to you all for following me. Apart from that, it is already over a year since the blog was set up(nine months till it reaches its second anniversary).  Although I am… Continue reading 100 Followers 

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The Republic Of Thieves 

I would say that this was nonetheless interesting. This is very much the turning point of the series, and where it would head eventually. And revealing plenty of secrets regarding Locke and his entire backstory, it really is unique and almost impossible to know.  As for the plot, it's a little weaker than before. But… Continue reading The Republic Of Thieves 

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What Makes A Character Compelling?

I would say, their personality. Not just their personality but also their flaws, their weaknesses. But most importantly is that none of the characters in your world should be able to get off scot free when they have done something wrong. Or are not excluded from repercussions.  And for me, I liked watching my characters… Continue reading What Makes A Character Compelling?

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Having Doubts On The Story

I have rewritten a book many many times, the moment where I didn't like where the story was heading. Or it simply didn't make sense anymore.. Even if I have wasted a lot of time on the first couple of drafts. But I feel it's a necessity.  As a horrible story that doesn't seem to… Continue reading Having Doubts On The Story

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Kuroshitsuji 124

I think plot moment is finally here. Even though the previous chapter already revealed the whole scheme of things, and why Ciel started the boy bands. It wasn't solely for competition but for the sole purpose of having Sphere Hall slip up.   And about the blood theory, I don't think it has anything regarding… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 124

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Red Seas Under Red Skies 

And I think reading fantasy genre in the adult section is a far better choice than ever. Because this book just proves it. Red Seas Under Red Skies was an improvement from The Lies Of Locke Lamora even more, and it is just as interesting.  Well seeing Locke fall down in the early parts of… Continue reading Red Seas Under Red Skies 

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Criticism: How do I deal with them? 

I mostly deal with criticism through this method, I just deal with it offline. And with a little analyzing before I just put it behind me and move on.  Because really, it's tiring if every little bit of criticism gets to me, and most of them is tearing apart my writing and grammar. And if… Continue reading Criticism: How do I deal with them? 

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Three Dark Crowns 

This was an underwhelming book, it dragged on for a long time until the end. And really most of the beginning is set up, where I would have preferred some intrigue early on, where all the sisters start.  Well, I thought that this might be quite different seeing that we have three sisters which are… Continue reading Three Dark Crowns 

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The Final Empire

Well, Brandon Sanderson is making his way to the top of my favourite fantasy authors. I just loved this book, for all the issues here is actually intriguing. With that one single question can come such a complex book, with many surpises at the end.  The twists were actually something that I didn't really see… Continue reading The Final Empire

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Are Themes Important?

Despite what many authors think, I think it's important to have a theme deep inside the book? Whenever I get a premise, a theme is something that I think is most important.  Otherwise, then deciding how the main character acts can be pretty difficult. I don't really like to preach about a certain theme down… Continue reading Are Themes Important?

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Well, here I believe is where a lot of the interesting points come into play. Such as the ending, being something that might end unwinding for good, and dealing with someone that is made from unwind parts. And all the while following Connor and Lev as they try to survive.  The information on the Rhineschild… Continue reading Unsouled

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The Emperor’s Soul 

Well, this was a pretty interesting book. About forgers, seals, resealers, it was nonetheless interesting. Sanderson is starting to really climb the ladder to becoming one of my most favourite authors. This is really no exception to the case.  Here, Shai dominated the entire book. As an interesting character, she steals and tries to make… Continue reading The Emperor’s Soul 

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Kuroshitsuji 123 

What I have seen this chapter was quite interesting indeed, since the stars finally talk. Which brings me to this, do I think now that Undertaker had a huge involvement in this? Maybe. It goes either way now.  Because it the stars definitely seem to be completely able to have personal thoughts, and are not… Continue reading Kuroshitsuji 123