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The Last Mrs Parish

I really enjoyed this far more than anything else. A story about two women. One who wants to climb her way to the top no matter how she gets there, the other the perfect wife who seems to be unaware. Or is she? This story takes these perspectives and makes them entertaining. Especially Daphne's twist… Continue reading The Last Mrs Parish

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Terrible Virtue

If anything, this was something that brought me back from a reading slump. A book about the woman who spearheaded the Birth Control Movement. The idea of planned parenthood. I liked the way that her story was narrated. Unconventional, it worked even as at certain times I found it rather strange to be there. But… Continue reading Terrible Virtue

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The Masterpiece

By all means this was far better than her previous. Set in the late roaring twenties and the early depression and the 1970s, this was a book which talked a lot about art. But mostly about what it is like to be a woman during that time. Clara is the shining example of the story.… Continue reading The Masterpiece

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The Beautiful Ones

If anything, I was surprised by the book. This had simply caught me with characters that were rather generic but worked rather well. And I think the star had been Valerie. She was the villain of the story but she managed to make me pity her before realising that I hated her. Because of her… Continue reading The Beautiful Ones

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The Romanov Empress

This was a story of a woman who tried her best to save the monarchy of Russia. Even if it will not be successful. If anything, she was a brave woman. Beginning from the time she was a princess, and slowly to becoming a Russian Dowager Empress. The change as she grows is astounding, wise… Continue reading The Romanov Empress

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Girls Burn Brighter

This is a story about two girls. Both who had ended up in horrible circumstances finding each other again. One of the things that I enjoyed was how it showed the harsh realities and gave the time for the two characters to really grow or find the resolve to leave. The story is set in… Continue reading Girls Burn Brighter

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I really liked the story of Marlene. Once again, this was a story of a real woman. A woman who lived her life the way she wanted it to be lived. As herself and no one else. In a way that made me feel for her as well. That her road was not easy, paved… Continue reading Marlene

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The Last Queen

If anything, this was the story of a Queen who simply had too many tragedies happen to her. And at the same time, it is a story where a woman must discern what was right and what is wrong. Everyone around her wishes to use her to accomplish something. Or seem like it. Her mother,… Continue reading The Last Queen

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The Confessions Of Catherine De Medici

If anything, this is one of the most human accounts of her. She is portrayed as the scared little girl, the woman who was queen in all but name, and of course the mother who did her level best to save her country and family. She isn't perfect, then again, who is. She has her… Continue reading The Confessions Of Catherine De Medici

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Bright We Burn

Satisfying, every bit of the word. As all things must come to an end, I can't deny that this was one of the best ones to end the trilogy. Everything comes full circle. What does Lada feel about Radu, Mehmed, what ends will she go to achieve them. Regardless of what it is, I always… Continue reading Bright We Burn

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Red Clocks

I was more confused than anything else. The writing often tried to make it look vague, while never going deep into what each character is thinking. Despite the fact that it's tackling one of the most debated topics in the world. Should women have rights over the child, or should they be reduced to having… Continue reading Red Clocks

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The Chilbury Ladies Choir

Well, I was surprised at how a series of letters and journals could make me love a story more than the actual story. Everything here is narrated and has happened. But it doesn't take it away at all. In fact, if it was done normally I might have been bored to tears. As here, I… Continue reading The Chilbury Ladies Choir

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The Relevoution of Marina M

This was one huge epic, that managed to keep things fresh and be an epic. It isn't about just a life, it was all the details and how it impacts Marina. As she went through one of the most difficult times in history, the Russian Revolution. The most addictive parts are the middle portion, with… Continue reading The Relevoution of Marina M

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The Angel Makers

This was not nearly as interesting as The Sixth Victim. The Sixth Victim had a lot of connection to Constance, and Emily as well. Linking them together. This felt a lot less so, with the link not as strong, Emily not having too much of a reason to follow through with this. Or the fact… Continue reading The Angel Makers

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Song Of A Captive Bird

This was a beautiful piece of writing, in the way the story was developed, created, and written. A woman who led a different life from most of Iranian girls. And the fact that she will eventually go to surprise almost everyone who meets her. For she became the poetess who defied the norms, went against… Continue reading Song Of A Captive Bird

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The Lost Season Of Snow And Love

This was enjoyable and entertaining. Even if it was slow, but Natalya sufficed as a character that entertained and her thoughts were enjoyable, relatable and entertaining. She is different from the other girls, who loved her glasses. Her love for the art, and wish to be different. A reason why she could end up drawing… Continue reading The Lost Season Of Snow And Love

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The Light In The Labyrinth

I just didn't understand what this was all about. It was often quite boring, and sometimes failed to move me at all. Although it was about Katherine Carey, who in this case was the bastard daughter of Henry VIII. I liked her at the beginning. She was rather charming, and entertaining at times. Likeable even.… Continue reading The Light In The Labyrinth

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The Butterfly Conspiracy

This wasn't all too bad a book. The ending was predictable, as I believed it from halfway, or at least the first moment a side character was given the spotlight. And as always, it means that they are guilty. Naturally, there are some well planned red herrings. Many times over. The usual suspect can be… Continue reading The Butterfly Conspiracy

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The Radical Element

Some of the stories I remembered, others I forgot. But nonetheless, this was an anthology which did a good job in making some of the stories memorable. And it is truly about women who rebelled, went against the norms. The most memorable was Lady Firebrand, and her story regarding the fact that she was wheelchair… Continue reading The Radical Element

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The King’s Witch

This was one tale which I gave my heart out to. To Frances, for all that she goes through within these three years. Since her life was turned upside down when James I was crowned. Even when she did nothing more than do what she believed was right, and even helped the people with her… Continue reading The King’s Witch