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When is a manuscript ready?

This is something that is more or less debated time and time again. Whether the writer should debate over the placing of every word or just let it be.I feel as though there is a time where I simply should just let it go. Telling myself that nothing is perfect and my work will not… Continue reading When is a manuscript ready?

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What is a serial?

Honestly speaking, I am writing serials. From the very beginning serials have always been how I planned out my stories more than novels. Since I always thought beyond just a single book, beyond just a trilogy. I merely thought about the story, where it begins and where it ends.And here is where I will talk… Continue reading What is a serial?

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The importance of conflict

Without conflict, I can say there will be no story. Conflict raises all the stakes, is the one which keeps me hooked, excited and curious just where to see it. It is what keeps people reading, as I don't want to know every detail of the character's life before they start. What I do want… Continue reading The importance of conflict

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Does a dark story mean a deep one?

No, I can say that these two do not always go hand in hand. You have stories that is dark but have no depth and stories which are light and have plenty of depth. What makes a deep story is how the author uses the themes, the setting the characters to give out depth. To… Continue reading Does a dark story mean a deep one?

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Does a protagonist need to be a hero?

This had been on my mind for quite a while, seeing as a lot of books I rated low often happened to favour heroism over character. And books that did not favoured was vice versa. I liked being able to relate to the characters, for all their flaws, the strengths, their quirks, rather than their… Continue reading Does a protagonist need to be a hero?

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Storytelling VS Writing

I have a belief that these two are separate in the first place. Storytelling is all about the elements of the story, writing is how you use the medium to express it. Some people are a swordsmith others are masters at telling the story. And a writer, sometimes they are stronger in one than the… Continue reading Storytelling VS Writing

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How Important Is Execution?

In recent months, reading changed from how interesting and fresh the characters and story is to how brilliant the execution is. And I wonder what made the switch to this. Other than the truth that nothing is new under the sun. It's all about how you do it that is. And that brings me to… Continue reading How Important Is Execution?

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What’s Wrong With Epic Fantasy these days?

I might be just someone strange here, but I have been really disliking a lot of books in the epic fantasy genreal although I have been a fan of this genre for a long while. Regardless of whether it is in young adult (although these do fare better) or adult (these just bore me). I… Continue reading What’s Wrong With Epic Fantasy these days?

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Personality and Me

Recently, I took a personality test. I got an ENTP-A. Honestly, I thought that it was one of the most accurate even if I wasn't a complete fit. But for most part, it explained why I behave the way I do. This has never been clearer as to what kind of person I truly am.… Continue reading Personality and Me

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Should Writers Major In Other Disciplines?

My answer is yes. They should, they should make an effort to learn about anything that they exhibit an interest in. Mostly because of the fact that if you're going to just study writing, you're going to run out of ideas pretty soon. And the fact that for me, I just have plenty of other… Continue reading Should Writers Major In Other Disciplines?

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Having A Writing Style

Have you realised that after a while, you tend to have a certain style and touch. For me, I have came to realise that. My stories have a very strong feel of mystery in them, often paired with fantasy. Sometimes, I add in intrigue, other times it can be other things. But a mysterious and… Continue reading Having A Writing Style

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How Useful Is Studying To Write?

A question that is on my mind, how useful it is to have to learn how to write in school. I don't because well I found that writing isn't just personal for me, but at the same time it also has been something that I have to explore myself. No one can tell me how… Continue reading How Useful Is Studying To Write?

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The Advice Of Starting Small

I'm not a fan of that advice. Not at all. I think that all writers should write what they want, and an amateur should not be made to feel bad about their lofty ambitions. Because that is what makes us unique as writers. The work that we dream up, no matter how big it seems… Continue reading The Advice Of Starting Small

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The True Definition Of Strong Female Characters

I don't like them. I never did. Despite all feats of badassery they do, I rarely like them. Because they seem to always be cut from one mold, always being physically strong, sometimes outshining the male characters. But they often fail to be real characters that I can relate to. To me, the definition of… Continue reading The True Definition Of Strong Female Characters

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Writing A Long Series

Anyway, since I mostly write insanely long series, and the fact that I don't really get tired from them, I decided to write a blog post about them. And mostly my tips to not feel overwhelmed by writing long series. #1 Plan I don't mean planning the entire story out, but it is a very… Continue reading Writing A Long Series

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Writing What You Enjoy

To me this is important. Very important as all of us tend to be guilty of the fact that we try to fit into the industry, and well after so much failed attempts or thinking that I just did not do a good job in truly writing my stories in the way I intended it… Continue reading Writing What You Enjoy

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Should We Appeal To The Market or To Ourselves?

My answer is always to ourselves. Write what you want, write how you see the world. There is no one who can say whether your world is unrealistic, unless of course the people do not really face any consequences from their actions, nor any effects come from it. And well, I dislike those who appeal… Continue reading Should We Appeal To The Market or To Ourselves?

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How Important Is Humor?

There are many series which I fell in love with just because of the jokes and the setting. Sometimes, when I simply want a break from all the seriousness I pick up something funny. Which I can simply laugh together with. And they often remain my most memorable books. To the degree that I'm also… Continue reading How Important Is Humor?

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What Do I Always End Up Writing?

It is one of the few things which I never understand about myself is that most of my works will have sequels before I say goodbye to them. And some of them are very very long, and turn themselves into sagas. And I have tried many many times to think of it as a single… Continue reading What Do I Always End Up Writing?

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For me, I realised that I have been rewriting a lot of works or looking into everything, again. Only one of them is complete, the other is quite closely so. But by that point, I figured out where I should go next. Although right now I'm a little less certain whether I will not just… Continue reading Indecision