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Making your own education

The art of educating ourselves does not always lie in the classroom. I realized that I didn't really learn a ton of things or really found formal education all that useful. Instead, I sought to expand my own skillset using online courses and picking up new skills that I feel I will need. At this… Continue reading Making your own education

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The Advice Of Starting Small

I'm not a fan of that advice. Not at all. I think that all writers should write what they want, and an amateur should not be made to feel bad about their lofty ambitions. Because that is what makes us unique as writers. The work that we dream up, no matter how big it seems… Continue reading The Advice Of Starting Small

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How do I do Nano

Anyway, this month I have decided to take part on Nanowrimo, you can find me here. For once, I have decided to do so because it just so happened to have coincided with an idea that I got on Oct 30, while I was writing a novel that was getting scrapped. But after almost ten… Continue reading How do I do Nano

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What is Originality?

Is originality in writing a completely new concept. Or a new view on an existing concept. I would say it is the latter. Nothing is new under the sun, every book has borrowed from somewhere. And so does your work too.  So, where does creativity come in? In how we display the world, how we… Continue reading What is Originality?

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Improving Your Craft

To others that might include a lot of steps. But to me, I guess the main idea is to write, write and write. You probably wouldn't know what sounds good on your first novel, but after countless tries, your work would sound better albeit still not perfect.  But the most basic thing you have to… Continue reading Improving Your Craft

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Choosing Between A Plot-driven, or charater-driven story. 

Personally, it's not just about the style or the nature of the story. It's not really up to choice, as without either of them the entire story would fall. Even if it leans to be a bit more on either side, I still expect a decent plot or relatable characters who have some depth.  And… Continue reading Choosing Between A Plot-driven, or charater-driven story. 

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Having Expectations As Writers 

This is something that bothers me a lot yet rarely ever does now. Because I'm accepting that I'm just honing my craft, and a lot of my writing isn't that good, and maybe I would not have learned to improved if I gotten too famous.  And that I prefer feedback over anything. Anything that gives… Continue reading Having Expectations As Writers 

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Criticism: How do I deal with them? 

I mostly deal with criticism through this method, I just deal with it offline. And with a little analyzing before I just put it behind me and move on.  Because really, it's tiring if every little bit of criticism gets to me, and most of them is tearing apart my writing and grammar. And if… Continue reading Criticism: How do I deal with them? 

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Are Themes Important?

Despite what many authors think, I think it's important to have a theme deep inside the book? Whenever I get a premise, a theme is something that I think is most important.  Otherwise, then deciding how the main character acts can be pretty difficult. I don't really like to preach about a certain theme down… Continue reading Are Themes Important?

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On Writing Strong Female Characters 

I believe that this characters don't need to know how to fight, neither do they need to be extremely powerful. They just need to display strength in the best way possible, when in peril, they choose to be strong rather than just whine endlessly about how life was unfair to them.  And 'strong' doesn't mean… Continue reading On Writing Strong Female Characters 

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What makes a compelling protangonist 

I think my only answer to this would be: to have agency. That's the only thing a protagonist really needs, and a goal that they would strive to succeed.  I really dislike books where the characters seem to have almost nothing going for them. And no reason why they should be the centre of it.… Continue reading What makes a compelling protangonist 

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What Is A Voice 

To me, it's the voice of your narrator. Whether they are unreliable kept to single perspective, the narrator's voice is always the most important. It's never the writer's voice but the characters.  For certain characters I would change the writing, as well as certain settings. Because tone would change with the genre as well as… Continue reading What Is A Voice 

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To Do Nano Or Not To Nano 

I have never done Nano, I'm honest about this. Because this year I neither have the time, having school days and practices despite being a holiday is not healthy to be writing a 50,000 words in a month. Even though many have joined in, it just doesn't strike me as somethibg I would want to… Continue reading To Do Nano Or Not To Nano 

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Letting Yourself Make Mistakes 

This is really very very important. When you first write never harp on the writing that is either something you worry about when you reach the end . But just letting yourself make them is important.  As all behind with a lackluster first effort, I started with a general fiction story that I have no… Continue reading Letting Yourself Make Mistakes 

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Writer’s Block 

A dreadful thing? It always is. Be it for me or anyone else, this is always hated. But there are always such days, where writing seems just so hard. I have many methods to avoid this, but interested to know.  1. Start Another Project  This is the best advice I can give, write two projecs… Continue reading Writer’s Block 

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The first chapter 

The difficulty of this is always the first sentence, and even the entire chapter. The best thing to overcome this imminent fear is to just write or start the first chapter with something important.  But it has to have some great importance with the main character. A prologue can be necessary when it is needed,… Continue reading The first chapter 

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The Headache Of Choosing A Genre 

I would say this sometimes happens to me. When I'm working on a novel, I do know the genre it is in. And the type of story I'm aiming for from the beginning. Then comes subgenres, where there are many, many of them. It is the more difficult to classify rather than fantasy.  I have… Continue reading The Headache Of Choosing A Genre 

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Undecided On The Beginning 

If you're still stuck at the beginning, write it the best way you can write it. Because only once you have completed and understood your story then can you focus on polishing it.  It's always the way for all writers, even planners, as there is no way to truly see the mistakes in some parts… Continue reading Undecided On The Beginning 

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Creating Characters 

To me, it's the easiest thing to do. I love creating characters and finding out what makes them tick and what makes them live? And yet they can also be the hardest to create and breathe life into.  To create a character isn't to have them focus onto one trait and emphasis on it, but… Continue reading Creating Characters 

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Keeping An Interest 

This can be an issue for most, and even me. For me, I guess the best way to say about this is that writing can quickly drive away the interest. For me, it never happens or only happens when the plot is leading truly to nowhere then I would place it.  My one advice to… Continue reading Keeping An Interest