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Does a dark story mean a deep one?

No, I can say that these two do not always go hand in hand. You have stories that is dark but have no depth and stories which are light and have plenty of depth. What makes a deep story is how the author uses the themes, the setting the characters to give out depth. To… Continue reading Does a dark story mean a deep one?

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What’s Wrong With Epic Fantasy these days?

I might be just someone strange here, but I have been really disliking a lot of books in the epic fantasy genreal although I have been a fan of this genre for a long while. Regardless of whether it is in young adult (although these do fare better) or adult (these just bore me). I… Continue reading What’s Wrong With Epic Fantasy these days?

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Writing A Healthy Romance 

I would say that writing a healthy romance takes a lot of work. And sometimes a lot of skill too. To me, a healthy romance means that the characters should not be subjected to abuse with their beloved. That is just warped.  Both sides should also fully respect and accept one another for their faults… Continue reading Writing A Healthy Romance 

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Eona: The Last Dragoneye 

I truly like this series, especially this. In Eon, it was hard to get past certain pages where it was just dry explanation. Not here, really, not here. Here I was hooked from the first page.  This sequel had tied up even more and ended well, with everything going nicely like the dragons who existed… Continue reading Eona: The Last Dragoneye 

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The Kiss Of Deception Review

This is about the book by Mary E Pearson and her book the Remant Chronicles: The kiss Of Deception. This book overall I enjoyed it a lot, I read finished the book. It had me hooked, however I do feel that there are some things that could be improved on. The point of view is… Continue reading The Kiss Of Deception Review