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I do think this is a decent book even if there are some flaws within the story itself, one which I would say is mostly how perfect David actually is. But the plot is well placed with twists and specific parts of the book did hint about what came. But there are still problems with… Continue reading Steelheart

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The Alloy Of Law

This had been one fast read. Now that I'm once more back to the Mistborn world, except these hundred years later everything has changed. And it has became one interesting development entirely, which characters leaving their mark, particularly Elend. His name makes up the city of Elendel, very easy to figure out. As for Vin,… Continue reading The Alloy Of Law

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The Hero Of Ages

I would say one the best books ever. And ended on a more which will make me remember for a long, long time. This book revealed everything and all was inevitable in fact how it ended was what I should have expected.  This talked about the mists, about preservation and ruin. About Allomacy, Kandra, Koloss… Continue reading The Hero Of Ages

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The Well Of Ascension

I have to say that the sequel is just about as exciting as the first book itself. With tensions within the country, that is falling apart with many countless tyrants who wants to be King.  Elend here constantly is a great character, one which is really honest and kind. Even though it also serves as… Continue reading The Well Of Ascension

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The Final Empire

Well, Brandon Sanderson is making his way to the top of my favourite fantasy authors. I just loved this book, for all the issues here is actually intriguing. With that one single question can come such a complex book, with many surpises at the end.  The twists were actually something that I didn't really see… Continue reading The Final Empire

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The Emperor’s Soul 

Well, this was a pretty interesting book. About forgers, seals, resealers, it was nonetheless interesting. Sanderson is starting to really climb the ladder to becoming one of my most favourite authors. This is really no exception to the case.  Here, Shai dominated the entire book. As an interesting character, she steals and tries to make… Continue reading The Emperor’s Soul 

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The Rithmathist 

I have never been more addicted to a fantasy book about chalk drawings but damn they are pretty badass here. As for the entire plot, I was still more or less surpised by the ending. There was so much red herring thrown around that in the end, it was the guy I would never in… Continue reading The Rithmathist