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The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

Well, this was a book which kept me flipping the pages. With twists that I didn't expect and was in all ways, entertaining, but also full of depth. What happens when a girl is given to the Frankenstein family? What happens if she is raised to know to win his love, and he only has… Continue reading The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

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Bright We Burn

Satisfying, every bit of the word. As all things must come to an end, I can't deny that this was one of the best ones to end the trilogy. Everything comes full circle. What does Lada feel about Radu, Mehmed, what ends will she go to achieve them. Regardless of what it is, I always… Continue reading Bright We Burn

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In The Shadows

The only good thing was the graphics. It was beautiful and even gorgeous if you ask me, while the prose was absolutely dry and dull. I loved the art, as I flipped back to enjoy the pictures. However the writing seemed to be so lifeless and didn't expand on the worldbuilding at all, not really… Continue reading In The Shadows

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Now I Rise 

This was worth every cent that I spent on it. I bought this book, becoming way too anxious to try and reserve it instead. And this was totally worth it, worth all the money. And like the first book, except that everything gets darker, murkier and even more brutal.  While the first book was Lada's… Continue reading Now I Rise 

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Well it was rather okay as a book, even though Evie isn't nearly as interesting a character. She is witty and fun but almost no other trait really stood out from her.  The book was read easily as well as quick, with the IPCA being rather interesting. But nothing else really, because I could feel… Continue reading Paranormalcy 

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Illusions Of Fate 

This has been another fast read, and better than the previous book I read from the same author.  I enjoyed the book, it was quick and even straight to the point. As well as many things happened quickly and ended quickly, being around 270 plus pages in length.  But a lot have happened, and it was… Continue reading Illusions Of Fate 

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The Chaos Of Stars 

It was really hard to finish this book until the end, when I ended up nearly giving up halfway. Anyway, I've managed to read through it and it did pick up in the last hundred pages or so.  I enjoyed the story, for all its mythology and that it was true to the core. The… Continue reading The Chaos Of Stars 

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And I Darken 

This book had destroyed me and brought me a great amount of joy. Despite it not having much of fantasy, it was one of the best books I have ever written. And at the same time, it was one of the most complex books, with a lot of political intrigue and fascinating characters with their… Continue reading And I Darken