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This just didn't get me. It had an interesting premise where one was likely to really get to me. But just no idea what it had wanted to do at all. The story in my opinion had been really really poor. It just didn't catch me in any way at all. I was trying my… Continue reading Dry

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This wasn't completely what I expected but I really liked how the world expanded. And found that the Thunderhead was pretty interesting despite being AI. One of the things that really bothered me about the story had been how the characters seemed a lot less in danger. Rowan's side was nice to know, but I… Continue reading Thunderhead

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I would say that this was enjoyable in how the author explored immortality. Which is actually something that if possible, what are its effects and what can become of the world. Nonetheless, I do see where it's heading in the first book, and the ending excerpt definitely hints where the book is going itself.  The… Continue reading Scythe

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This has been a really a satisfying conclusion to me. And a whole lot of things happened all at once here, which I would agree.  But I do like the ending well enough, it makes everything feel worthwhile yet not perfect. Even though all characters survived, but some are not completely the same anymore. And… Continue reading Undivided 

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Well, here I believe is where a lot of the interesting points come into play. Such as the ending, being something that might end unwinding for good, and dealing with someone that is made from unwind parts. And all the while following Connor and Lev as they try to survive.  The information on the Rhineschild… Continue reading Unsouled

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This was a pretty amazing sequel. There is really no words for it, as well as putting up the questions even further about unwind and relavations which may come into useful. Here we have Cam, who's basically a someone who was built from unwinds, all of it from talented parts. I rather liked that part,… Continue reading Unwholly 

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Well, this was actually a pretty decent read. The motives and opinions make me think about it. Whether unwinding is truly useful or not and soon enough I'm almost finished. And the ending, it's just a beginning of what's to come as well.  What did I enjoy? Reading a rather decent and thought provoking ya… Continue reading Unwind