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The Lunar Chronicles: On Hindsight

I'm here with another series which I also rated highly before, but this time it's in the same vein as the Young Elites. The story highlights good things, although it is rather superficial at least when compared to other YA. I liked it because of how Levana as a villain was. Although after a while,… Continue reading The Lunar Chronicles: On Hindsight

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This was one massive book, but still didn't take me a long time to read it. If there's one thing I really enjoy about this series is that it's really enjoyable. Though this book lacked a little bit of the comedy factor which made me laugh out loud many times previously.  But with the newest… Continue reading Winter

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You know what, I loved Levana's story. She isn't a villain from the start but I could feel her presence from the beginning. About her as a person, and how everything changed from her. As well as what made her this insecure and a full villain in the end. And she was believable, from the beginning… Continue reading Fairest 

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You know what, I was hooked from the start. This was an addictive read, there was no other words for it. I have loved retellings but most are of the fantasy type, but this Sci-fi book really just engaged me.  From the beginning where I was introduced to Cress, I just read on and on.… Continue reading Cress 

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This was much better than Cinder. In fact, I was never glad how much another fairytale character could be in this story. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. And the ending, I think I know who it might  refer to that they would hunt in another book.  It made so much sense why Cress had such a… Continue reading Scarlet 

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Well I wasn't entirely sure about this book, on one hand there were great reviews and another itself wasn't nearly as good.  The world itself is very intriguing and in fact interesting as it was cyberpunk a genre that I wasn't very familiar with at all.  And I did enjoy all the crazy technology in… Continue reading Cinder