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In all cases, maintains the quality that it has set. Vicious was a revenge thriller this was after. And it was like watching a television show unravel, characters pitting against each other. All for a final showdown, each with their own story. And at its core, it was delectable and entertaining read. From Marcella, who… Continue reading Vengeful

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Our Dark Duet

Once again, this author has managed to find the unbelievable to kill me again, I loved This Savage Song, and these is a satisfying sequel. One with an ending that is suitable in my eyes yet completely torn me apart. Returning to this world, again is as bleak as it always was. We make our… Continue reading Our Dark Duet

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I really like this book, with how it handled the themes of superheroes and whether they should exist or not. And even making both characters, neither actually is the better choice. Victor is quite vicious, but doesn't think that the EO needs to be killed. Eli, on the other hand thinks that they are unnatural… Continue reading Vicious 

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A Conjuring Of Light 

This was a definitely satisfying kind of ending. And I have to admit that Kell didn't seem so perfect her, he is just really too selfless for his own good. To me, I believe that Lila had a little more realism in her than he does. And well, I did think that Holland would have… Continue reading A Conjuring Of Light 

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A Gathering Of Shadows 

The sequel didn't disappoint in anyway. A darker shade of magic was one enticing book, and this certainly proved that the series is worth chasing after. Even though the last book is coming out this month and even on this day(do I have such fantastic timing) but I feel that it has been one hell… Continue reading A Gathering Of Shadows 

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A Darker Shade Of Magic 

I really enjoyed this book, it was pretty much a really interesting kind of epic fantasy. One that actually fascinated me for once. And I have taken a huge step away from such fantasy, it usually bored me.  And instead of just having only one London or some crazy worlds, instead it is alternate versions… Continue reading A Darker Shade Of Magic