Do you need to code for your websites?

Honestly no, but it depends. Although with the rise of popular and also reliable website builders it has become a lot easier for websites to be created without a single line of code. Even as a programmer, and having done two to three websites, I can still safely say that it is true that I… Continue reading Do you need to code for your websites?


A Writer’s Website

After nearly three months of hiatus I have decided to try something new on this blog. I won't really be book blogging anymore but I'll be giving a little bit of help when it comes to websites. After being in a IT student for over a year and experimenting with blogs twice afterwards. I have… Continue reading A Writer’s Website


Knowing what makes your work unique

I realized that for a long while, the best thing I could sell myself was the fact that I made my work my own. At this point I know that almost no one else will think the same way that I did. No one will write the story in the same way that I will.… Continue reading Knowing what makes your work unique


The thing about writing websites

Writing websites are plentiful that many authors have many many choices. And even what sort of end goal they have in mind at the end of the day. Are you trying to get published, or simply writing for fun? Are you looking for ways to improve your novel or to simply get readers. There is… Continue reading The thing about writing websites

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When is a manuscript ready?

This is something that is more or less debated time and time again. Whether the writer should debate over the placing of every word or just let it be.I feel as though there is a time where I simply should just let it go. Telling myself that nothing is perfect and my work will not… Continue reading When is a manuscript ready?

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What is a serial?

Honestly speaking, I am writing serials. From the very beginning serials have always been how I planned out my stories more than novels. Since I always thought beyond just a single book, beyond just a trilogy. I merely thought about the story, where it begins and where it ends.And here is where I will talk… Continue reading What is a serial?

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My idea: Writing App

Faced any frustration with apps before? Unable to find a good home for your stories? I may have a solution to your problems. Writing App: Endless Pages Features: Tags system to sort books, genres to me are wholly difficult to define a story and lumping them together can be hard. Serial or Novel: I'm accommodating… Continue reading My idea: Writing App

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The importance of conflict

Without conflict, I can say there will be no story. Conflict raises all the stakes, is the one which keeps me hooked, excited and curious just where to see it. It is what keeps people reading, as I don't want to know every detail of the character's life before they start. What I do want… Continue reading The importance of conflict

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Does a dark story mean a deep one?

No, I can say that these two do not always go hand in hand. You have stories that is dark but have no depth and stories which are light and have plenty of depth. What makes a deep story is how the author uses the themes, the setting the characters to give out depth. To… Continue reading Does a dark story mean a deep one?

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Storytelling VS Writing

I have a belief that these two are separate in the first place. Storytelling is all about the elements of the story, writing is how you use the medium to express it. Some people are a swordsmith others are masters at telling the story. And a writer, sometimes they are stronger in one than the… Continue reading Storytelling VS Writing

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Should Writers Major In Other Disciplines?

My answer is yes. They should, they should make an effort to learn about anything that they exhibit an interest in. Mostly because of the fact that if you're going to just study writing, you're going to run out of ideas pretty soon. And the fact that for me, I just have plenty of other… Continue reading Should Writers Major In Other Disciplines?

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The Advice Of Starting Small

I'm not a fan of that advice. Not at all. I think that all writers should write what they want, and an amateur should not be made to feel bad about their lofty ambitions. Because that is what makes us unique as writers. The work that we dream up, no matter how big it seems… Continue reading The Advice Of Starting Small

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Writing What You Enjoy

To me this is important. Very important as all of us tend to be guilty of the fact that we try to fit into the industry, and well after so much failed attempts or thinking that I just did not do a good job in truly writing my stories in the way I intended it… Continue reading Writing What You Enjoy

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Should We Appeal To The Market or To Ourselves?

My answer is always to ourselves. Write what you want, write how you see the world. There is no one who can say whether your world is unrealistic, unless of course the people do not really face any consequences from their actions, nor any effects come from it. And well, I dislike those who appeal… Continue reading Should We Appeal To The Market or To Ourselves?

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How Important Is Humor?

There are many series which I fell in love with just because of the jokes and the setting. Sometimes, when I simply want a break from all the seriousness I pick up something funny. Which I can simply laugh together with. And they often remain my most memorable books. To the degree that I'm also… Continue reading How Important Is Humor?

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For me, I realised that I have been rewriting a lot of works or looking into everything, again. Only one of them is complete, the other is quite closely so. But by that point, I figured out where I should go next. Although right now I'm a little less certain whether I will not just… Continue reading Indecision

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Making Time Out To Write 

If you have a busy schedule like I do, each day having so much in your plate yet still wanting to write, then you have come to the right post. Here is where I am going to share some of my secrets on how I manage to write every single day.  #1 Keep A Schedule … Continue reading Making Time Out To Write 

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Keeping A Notebook

I would say this is vital to almost every writer that there is some place where you can just put all your ideas. It is rather important for me, and I end up buying three to four notebooks each year just for this. Sometimes for ideas, other times just for outlining and sometimes for details.… Continue reading Keeping A Notebook

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Choosing Between A Plot-driven, or charater-driven story. 

Personally, it's not just about the style or the nature of the story. It's not really up to choice, as without either of them the entire story would fall. Even if it leans to be a bit more on either side, I still expect a decent plot or relatable characters who have some depth.  And… Continue reading Choosing Between A Plot-driven, or charater-driven story. 

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Clichés, should it be used or avoided at all costs? 

Personally, I'm fine with clichés that are few and far between the entire story. Notorious or not, I don't really judge it as long as it has a reason to exist in that particular novel. Or a reasonable explanation why. Or a good plot twist with that cliché.  Personally, clichés are fine when they are… Continue reading Clichés, should it be used or avoided at all costs?